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Regularly clean engine note

Car engine to work when the temperature is usually very high, so attached to things will go in a flash evaporation solidification, therefore, water, mud, dust and all kinds of grease mixed with each other, will form a variety of dirt. First, remove the engine room of the dirt can be wiped with a damp cloth to see, and if so will be able to clean the engine room very clean, then do not use water to clean.

    If you can not clean the dirt with a damp cloth, wipe afraid to use ordinary detergent. If the above two methods are tried, still can not wipe off the dirt, before choosing the water clean. Second, when the first clean water on the parts are not wrapped, only with a brush, water and detergent to remove dirt. If you run into is difficult to completely remove the dirt, this requires a dedicated cleaner engines. The best choice for foam cleaning agent, because the surface of the bubble remain in the dirt a long time, can break down dirt and make it floating to the surface. However, the role of such chemical cleaning agents are usually more intense, so at least 10 minutes before rinsing with water clean. But note also the following points:

    1, the first of such water to remove dirt or dust on the dirt can be removed. Coverage of sprinkler parts must be good before the steps.

    2, the engine can not use a dedicated cleaner on the paint.

    3, the most powerful dirt, you can use special foam engine cleaner to deal with.

    4, after the aluminum treatment of the tank cover and exhaust pipes, etc., use special cleaners.

    5, the first not to use the powerful cleaning agent, and the trial household detergent.

    6, due to high temperature solidification of unique dirt is dirt the engine room, the use of special cleaning agents will be effective in some.



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