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Automotive engine cooling system maintenance guide

Cooling system at work after a certain time, the internal bound to form a variety of dirt. Types of dirt from the

use of different conditions and maintenance and other factors are also many differences. For most vehicles, usually

with water, only the circumstances under low temperature in winter antifreeze, in which case prone to rust and

scale of water quality-based dirt; vehicles for long-term use of antifreeze, the quality appears to scale and gel-

based dirt. Related: How the rainy season make the right car maintenance vehicles during the rainy season is also

very important rodent

    Contamination of other components include: the formation of acid degradation of quality. For example,

failure of anti-corrosive, oxidation of ethylene or propylene glycol. heavy metals. hard water impurities.

physical impurities. For example, foreign material (dust, sand, etc.) and precipitation of additives.


    The main engine cooling system cooling system failure, there are three main faults:

    (1) engine and even boil the water temperature is too high.

    (2) engine water temperature is too low.

    (3) cooling system leak.

    Engine overheating due to a combination, the most common cause is due to internal scale cooling systems, water

and gel and other dirt accumulation of rust, clogged waterways, reduce the heat dissipation cooling system due to

the results. Previously excluded from such failures common method is to remove the water tank replacement, but it

has proved in many cases the car has not improved.

    The form of engine cooling system leaks are leaking water tank, upper and lower leakage and cylinder head

gasket leaks and other forms.

    Main fault-free cooling system solutions for the disintegration of

    1. High temperature fault solution

    For the engine overheating problems, especially problems caused by the excessive dirt, cleaning agents can be

used with the cooling system of special equipment for processing solution.

    (1) the choice of type of cleaning agent

    Choose cleaning agents, there are three principles for reference:

    For the majority of sediment and erosion, with a slightly acidic cleaner is better.

    If the gel is not hard, you can use alkaline or non-corrosive detergent to clean (better acidity, but the

alkaline cleaning agent to achieve the desired effect.)

    oil cooling system for impurities, to use acidic cleaners to complete this task.

    Considering the above-mentioned three principles, coupled with China's domestic automotive cooling system in

the dirt mainly precipitation, mainly oil impurities and rust, the use of acidic cleaning products (such as the

U.S. launched the 60,119 Lions power cooling systems and efficient cleaning agent # ) in order to fully meet the

current requirements of the Chinese market. Most of the market in the cooling system is an alkaline cleaning agent,

so it can only meet the needs of a small car.

    (2) treatment

    Connect the device with the car, put the products to the engine cooling system to normal operating temperature

to ensure that the case of work about 30min, then use the device completely replace the old antifreeze.

    2. Leakage failure to resolve

    (1) Analysis

    The shape of the main water tank leaks, there are two, one is granular, one is the strip. The exclusion of the

upper and lower leakage after damage, mainly cracking aging; cylinder head gasket was mainly due to various causes

the string of water, water into the oil and so on.

    (2) The treatment of tank leakage

    Market in China, there are two products to stop leaking water tank. From the working principle, one is the

blocking agent, an agent is stanch. What is the difference between them?

    Sealing agent product is a chemical nature similar to filler, the ability to block all the leakage area. The

Stop-leak agent is the number of plant fiber products, the use of surface tension to block the leak, and then under

the effect of curing agent will be fixed in the leak location, guarantee that no leakage. The tank leaks can stanch

agent products in the water tank, should not join sealing agent product.


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