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Tips to deal with engine radiator water hose rupture

Long-term use of the engine radiator hose will be aging, easily broken, if the radiator water, the hose burst in

the traffic process, water will splash out of the high-temperature water vapor to form large groups emitted from

the engine under the hood, the occurrence of this kinds of phenomena, they should choose a safe place immediately

stop, then take urgent measures to address. Here are the emergency measures under such circumstances:

    Under normal circumstances, radiator water, the hose connector of the most prone to cracks and leaks, then you

can cut off the damaged parts with scissors, and then re-inserted into the radiator inlet hose connector and use

clamp or Iron Szymborska tight. If the gap in the middle of the hose can be wrapped with tape rolling leaking

cracks, tie wrapped around the hose before the first clean, dry location such as leakage, will tape wrapped around

the hose leaks, the engine working pressure within the hose high, so try to be tape wrapped tight. If the hand is

no tape, plastic sheets can be wrapped around the cracks first, then cut into strips of old cloth wrapped around

the hose. Sometimes the larger hose cracks, may still be leaking after wrapping tie, then the tank lid can be

opened to reduce pressure inside the channel and reduce leakage.

    To take these measures, the engine speed can not be too fast, to try to hang high-end travel, moving the

pointer must pay attention to water table position, found that cooling water temperature is too high or supplement

to stop the cooling water.


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