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Interpretation of three typical fault of EFI engine 3

3. Throttle Position Sensor Failure

    The sensor is the throttle position signal transmission to the ECU, ECU signals and other signals using the

decision engine with real-time conditions. If the sensors malfunction, will affect the ignition timing and air-fuel

ratio mixture. At this point, the engine will show as not idling, acceleration, speed and so easy to increase or

even extinction.

Maintenance of the sensor removal is: pull the throttle position sensor wiring harness connector; check with a

multimeter between the conduction of the terminal situation. Throttle at idle position, the middle and upper part

of the terminal should turn; throttle is opened, the middle and upper part of the terminal should be disconnected.

Incompatible with the above results should be adjusted.

To ensure proper ignition timing and mixture air-fuel ratio, throttle position sensor must be adjusted

correctly. Is: start the engine, hand control throttle, the engine to maintain idle speed, loosen the two screws on

the sensor, throttle position sensor counter-clockwise rotation, while testing with a multimeter first to make the

middle and upper terminal disconnect , and then slowly turn the sensor clockwise direction, so that the middle and

upper terminal until the turn: The last two screws on the fixed sensor. Mainly the adjusted, should be replaced.



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