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glow plug,spark plug
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Interpretation of three typical fault of EFI engine 2

2. Coolant temperature sensor fault

    The sensor for the ECU to provide important information on the computer, ECU controlled fuel injection quantity

is an important basis. If the sensors malfunction, the control will result in the mixture too thick or too thin,

the majority of cold start the engine there will be difficulties, poor idling and fuel consumption increases and so

on. The sensor, ECU will store the memory and warning.

    The sensor's detection methods are (in Toyota 2JZ-GE EFI engine as an example): Unplug the sensor harness plug,

remove the sensor; the sensor placed in the water and water heating (the sensor terminal to be out of the water),

while measurements sensors at different temperatures between the two terminal resistance; the measured resistance

value compared with the standard value (see table). If you do not meet the standard, should be replaced.

    Temperature () resistance (K)







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