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How to avoid skidding in the rain weather.

With the arrival of summer, the rain the weather is gradually increasing.Here is the way to avoid skidding:

First, the control speed


If you are traveling too fast on the road potholes, vehicle vibration will increase, not only caused the vehicle powertrain, running lines and other mechanical damage. Especially rain water and mud in a section of road, but also to hold the throttle to control speed, with the low block pass. Also note that when the lot through the wet, not subtraction gear shift and emergency brake, even if deceleration depends on the gas to be controlled.

Second, careful downhill

We have to note that, whether it is sunny or rainy days, when going downhill in low gear should be selected, reducing the throttle slowly downhill, it is best not to use the neutral slide slope. In the event of a sharp bend of the potholes on the way the road can easily cause the vehicle when braking deviation, broaching a major accident or rollover.

Third, the safety car will

In the course of your journey, do not follow too close to the vehicle in front. If you encounter there will be car, in particular, observe the road. Do not Cookin intersection direction and step on the brake to avoid collision of vehicles skidding accidents.

Fourth, to prevent sliding

If the front wheels slip, should stabilize the throttle to correct the direction of exit. When the rear wheels spin, the spin direction toward the steering wheel should turn, then drove back road to be straightened in the rear. When the rear wheel sliding downhill event, may be appropriate to tap the accelerator to improve the speed, until after the original speed of the vehicle to eliminate sideslip.

In the event of a spin, keep in mind the following principles:

First, do not slam on the brakes to avoid wheel lock to play a supportive role only after death, but completely lost the role to overcome the slip, especially after the death of the front wheel lock, while maintaining the function of the angle changes, but can not maintain the lead body turn function, in the state completely out of control.

Second, do not slip in the opposite direction to turn the steering wheel, the correct way is which side of the slide to the rear, immediately adjust which side of the steering wheel. Steering agility and lightness.



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