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Honda fully restored the Japanese factory production after the earthquake

4 parts from the production of overseas markets; Mazda parts of two plants resume production

March 31, Honda announced the company's production facilities in mainland Japan from April 11 has begun to resume production, from the 4th, the supply of spare parts overseas markets will begin production. Meanwhile, Mazda also plans to resume from the 4th part of the factories production.

Honda is the first comprehensive re-released the timetable for production, after which time shutdown extended several times. However, production of auto parts and vehicle recovery still constrained by a shortage of spare parts, Honda is expected to resume production only half the normal.

from 4 to restart some production.

After the earthquake, Japan over auto parts suppliers due to lack of business, government restrictions on electricity, such as poor logistics have announced cut-off effects, but the recovery of the current production is not ideal. TOYOTA only resumed in March 28 the production of some hybrids, no means give a specific time for the full resumption of production.

Japanese auto executives believe that the automobile industry and Japan's economic recovery is closely related, it is necessary to resume production as soon as possible. And because Japanese cars and parts plants cut prices, the earthquake has spread to the global automotive industry.

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Raise the price of Toyota cars in North America

Toyota USA announced yesterday, will raise most of the Toyota, Lexus and Scion brands in the North American market "vendor guide price", the company's price of only 6 models remain unchanged.

Toyota brand vehicles rose ranging from 200-900 U.S. dollars, up in the range of between 1.2 to 2.2 percent, up Lexus models ranging from 600 to 900 U.S. dollars, prices in the range of between 0.8 to 2.1% . Toyota's "MSRP" does not include tax and freight. Prices start from May.

Toyota spokesman said the price adjustment is due to the sharp appreciation of the yen, due to higher crude oil prices transportation costs. Prices even before the earthquake to make decisions, and March 11 9.0 magnitude earthquake occurred in Japan has nothing to do. Earlier, Toyota Motor repeatedly stressed his appreciation of the yen has seriously affected the profitability and production base several times threatened to move out of Japan.


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