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glow plug,spark plug
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Spark Plug Maintenance 3

5, Avoid  regardless of hot and cold type. In addition to the different shape and size vary, Spark Plug has the cold, medium, hot-type. Generally high compression ratio and high speed engine is appropriate to cold type spark plug; and low compression ratio, low-speed type of spark plug heat engine is appropriate, in between there are medium-sized spark plugs. In addition, the new engine or overhaul the engine and the old engine's spark plug selection can be based on the actual situation is different. For example, when the engine is relatively new, the choice of type of spark plug should tend to heat; use of time principals old engine because of poor performance, spark plugs prone to excessive carbon deposition and fouling by oil, spark plugs should tend to choose medium or cold type, to improve the spark plug the ability of anti-oil.
6, Avoid misdiagnosis. Replace the spark plugs or check the spark plug condition, it should be running in the motorcycle section,then after parking , observe the color feature of the spark plug electrodes, you can have the following situations: First, the center electrode reddish brown, next to the electrodes turn gray, for the selection of a suitable spark plug; the second is the electrode was burning ablation, insulation skirt turn into white state,then selection of spark plug overheating; third insulator between the electrodes and black striped skirt , that spark plugs have been leaks. Spark plug selection of inappropriate or leakage should be re-select the appropriate spark plug.


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