glow plug,spark plug  
glow plug,spark plug
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Spark Plug Maintenance 1

1, Avoid long-term dirty coke. When the spark plugs in use, the electrodes and insulator skirt will have a normal coke accumulated.If coke are not clean away, ,it will lead to leakage or even arcing electrodes. Therefore, coke should be removed regularly.Do not wait to clean the spark plug when not working. 

2, Avoid long-term use. There are many spark plug model range, but it has its own economic life, cycle.When using the spark plug over its economic life, it will be detrimental to engine power and economy of the play. Studies have shown that with the use of prolonged spark plug, the center electrode end will wear out to the arc shape change, while the concave side of the arc-shaped electrode changes, which will shape the electrode gap increases, and cause difficulties in the discharge affect the engine work.


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