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Fast: according to activists tree brand image

Transmission industry well-known enterprises in Shaanxi Fast Group, long-term strengthening of national brands and brand building process, attaches great importance to the maintenance of the corporate brand image and imitation counterfeit and illegal acts to crack down on. In recent years, the company adhere to the use of legal weapons to fight against same infringement counterfeiting violations, has investigated and dealt with according to law from the sale of counterfeit corporate trademark product behavior, the number of people involved to be sanctioned by law, effective cleaning of the market order, and maintenance of the enterprise and the majority of users legitimate rights and interests.

    Fast heavy-duty transmission car gear accessories over the years, the industry enjoyed a wide reputation. The self-developed pairs of intermediate shaft transmission over more than 30 series and hundreds of varieties to be selected as the designated supplier of products by the hundreds of thousands of models of the OEMs in 2010 and 2011, corporate sales revenue for two consecutive years exceeded 10 billion mark the various operational indicators for many years ranked first in the national gear industry, production and sales of heavy-duty transmission for six consecutive years, ranking first in the world. The company has formed one million years of production and marketing of automotive transmission gear 50 million and automotive forgings comprehensive production capacity of 100,000 tons. Market holdings of over 4 million units, 80% domestic market share. It is coveted Fast product a good market performance, some unscrupulous companies began the illegal production and sale of counterfeit Fast Gear accessories from which to obtain illegal benefits.

    For the serious harm of infringement and counterfeiting of auto parts market, Fast Company to rely on the law as a weapon firmly activism. In March 2010, the company with the local public security department, Xi'an, a sale of counterfeit "Fast" dens prosecute, according to a report from the masses, the spot seized counterfeit "Fast" a registered trademark of the gear, shaft, transmission shell and product packaging 5110; June 2011, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, Law Enforcement Bureau for Industry and Commerce immediately instructed the local machinery factory, producing fake "Fast" trademark vice Box synchronous assembly gear seized 2140 sets. The two cases are to constitute the crime of manufacturing and selling counterfeit goods. After further investigation on the people involved, the two people's court cases public hearing, involved principal offender sentenced to a maximum three years and six months imprisonment, and impose a fine of 750,000 yuan. Meanwhile, the company take full advantage of the network platform to actively carry out the crackdown activism, litigation before, in a timely manner to combat with a Shanghai auto parts company for trademark infringement violations, and the overall maintenance of the corporate trademark and brand image.

    Fast crack down on fake and shoddy products at the same time, the integrated use of various means, actively accelerate product innovation, increase reporting and propaganda of the product patented technology, expanding science and technology brands and services brand, a comprehensive check of infringement and counterfeiting, and guide public opinion and consumers against counterfeit and shoddy products. At present, the company has 52 granted patents, "FAST + Graphics trademarks registered and protected in 48 countries and regions such as the UK, Fast trademark has been identified as Xi'an, famous trademark", "Shaanxi Famous Brand" and "China Famous Trademark", Fast brand image is more deeply rooted among the people.

    The more brand-name products, counterfeit, counterfeiting and other illegal acts against the Chinese market suffered more common. Fast, spare no effort to crack down on counterfeit and infringement, illegal acts, but also a strong appeal: State law enforcement agencies to further increase the intensity of regulating the market and the fight against counterfeit products, to maintain the market's fairness and justice, protection of innovation and enterprise independent innovation, enthusiasm and legitimate rights and interests, the full promote enterprise healthy and stable development.


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