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2011 parts market crowded by external pressure to delay the war suffering

The domestic parts industry except for a few large groups, a number of SMEs, the right to speak is not high, car companies lower prices to suppliers transfer market risk is more prevalent. The domestic auto market this year, sales growth slowed down vehicle parts prices trend intensified. Parts enterprises have to face the raw material prices and rising labor costs, but also by the OEM's price pressure, the majority of enterprises in the smokeless "delay war" in a suffering, helpless to give up R & D investment, had struggled .

    General decline in profits

    According to statistics of the auto parts market corporate financial data, the first three quarters of 2011, China's Shanghai and Shenzhen-listed 68 parts listed companies net profit margin of 6.3% on average, higher than the vehicle listed companies (4.1%), but with these zero parts business a year ago (7.0%), down 0.7%.

    This 68 parts listed companies, compared to last year, net profit margin rose to only 20; margin remains the same there are two; net profit drop of 46, accounting for 67.7 total number of enterprises of these parts %.

    Diesel Engine: sales decline

    Diesel engine side, the Automobile Association data show that 11 months of 2011, diesel engine into the statistics of 23 companies, respectively, to complete 3,268,100 units and 3,447,900 units of production and sales, decreased by 7.69% and 5.03%.

    Yuchai Marketing Vice President Zhong Yuwei annual meeting in 2012, said it expects full-year sales of Yuchai down about 5%, down 20% powered truck, a serious drag on overall sales; passenger car growth of 4%. "Overall industry sales decline expected by about 10%, Yuchai the past few years to develop non-road engines, the strategic adjustment of initial success, the overall decline was much lower than the industry." Zhongyu Wei said.

    Also by non-road commercial vehicles with power with power to make up for flagging down there the whole wood. Quanchai chairman, general manager Xiao Zhenghai Business Conference in 2012, said that 2011 has been the impact of the situation by the industry, especially in the automotive market by the state policy control, significant changes took place, although not all wood product sales growth can be sustained, but truck engine to achieve a breakthrough.

    In 2011, Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine is expected to complete the sale of 18 million units, with sales over 200,000 units in early targets are not a small gap. Side toward the wood, said sales are down, one subject to the overall decline this year, China's commercial vehicle; two hands were tied because the old system, companies can not make a timely response.

    Transmission: passenger growth in benefit

    Benefit from the passenger car market this year, good growth, Fast, Qi teeth and other transmission performance of the business is more optimistic. November 1, 2011, Fast Group, the company achieved total sales of 9.87 billion yuan; industrial output value 9.756 billion yuan; sale of automotive transmission 640,978 units, of which export $ 35,892,200, an increase of 130.79%.

    Qi tooth side said that in the last two months of this year, the market demand for the transmission of passenger cars soared Qijiang, November and December, demand reached 16,000 or more. This year, with China's urbanization and new rural construction to promote the acceleration of the market in light of the surge in demand for transmission, production and sales showing a growth trend from month to month, this year's major economic growth point and highlights. Following the October 1154 sales of light transmission sets new record high in November, the company QJ705, QJ605, QJ505, QJ315 series of light transmission production reached more than 1,700 units.

    Miles Young is the recently cut its 2011 profit forecast 2013, 2011, heavy truck transmission gross margins will fall to 25.5%. Miles Young, said in the same time, heavy truck transmission market, although after several years of development, is still in cultivation period, the heavy truck industry as a whole declines, it is expected the sales of heavy truck transmission was essentially flat with last year.

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