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Fleetguard study: automotive filter industry overview

First, the concept of auto filter

    Automotive filter filtration and high performance (cleaning effect); long life (capture volume); durable and vibration, durability, and will not allow dust to leak; water resistance, do not block the entry of air, light and easy handling.

    Automotive filter applications:

    A. Auto Filter is designed to protect personnel ride air-conditioned outside air filter can filter out the pollen, dust, harmful substances such as: asbestos, soot, bacteria and toxic gases such as: ozone, benzene and toluene .

    B. to keep the relevant parts cleaning: air filter can keep the bottom clean parts, such as: fans, heating and instrument panels.

    C. Carbon Auto Filter: How is it different is that more air conditioning filter layer of activated carbon filter layer, and further absorption of toxic gases, such as: ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulfur and hydrocarbon. Recommended auto filter replacement cycle recommended replacement cycle: 10,000 kilometers.

    Second, the filter classification and working principle

    Engine air, oil, fuel three kinds of filters, commonly known as the "three filters." They are responsible for the engine intake system, lubrication system and combustion system, the filter media.

    Divided into four categories

    1 oil filter, filter out the engine during operation of mechanical impurities and gum, protection of clean lubricating oil to be

    2 fuel filter, air filter engine fuel system of harmful particles and water, to protect the pump nozzle, cylinder liner, piston rings, to reduce wear, avoid blocking, divided into gasoline and diesel filtration filter device.

    3 air filter to remove particulate impurities in the air device

    4 oil-water separator, according to the density difference between water and fuel, the use of principles of gravity settling to remove impurities and moisture separator

    Third, the structure and function of the air filter

    Air filter in the engine intake system, it is clean air by one or several components of the filter assembly. The main role of the air filter is to filter the air entering the cylinder will be harmful impurities in order to reduce the cylinder, piston, piston rings, valve and valve seat wear and tear early. Air filter there are two types, namely dry and wet.

    Dry-type air filter is a dry filter, (such as filter paper) to the separation of impurities in the air out of the filter. Light vehicles (including cars, mini trucks) is generally used as a single-stage air filter. It has oval or elliptical shape and flat. Filter material or non-woven fabric filter. Filter cover with metal or polyurethane, the shell material is metal or plastic. Air volume flow at rated under the original filter filtration efficiency should not be less than 99.5%. Heavy vehicles as a result of poor conditions, it must be a majority of the air filter. The first stage of cyclone pre-filter (such as blade ring, swirl tube, etc.), used to filter out impurities in coarse particles, the filtration efficiency of 80% or more, the second level is the micro-fine filter paper filter (commonly known as the main filter), the filtration efficiency of 99.5%. Primary filter is followed by a security filter, and its role in the installation and replacement of the main filter, or accidental damage in the main filter to prevent dust from entering the engine. Multi-core non-security-woven fabric material, also used filter paper.

    Wet type air cleaner including oil and oil-bath two. Oil-immersed oil off through a filter, separating the impurities in the air, the filter material with metal wire fabric, but also foam.

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