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Germany's Bosch Chassis Systems Control Project ABS / ESP system to achieve the year after made ​;​;in Chengdu

German Bosch

    Chassis control system project


    First, the project owner: Germany (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

    Second, construction content: to build the ABS / ESP systems and sensors based sales of auto parts production base for supporting a building area of ​​100,000 square meters.

    Total Investment: 880 million yuan

    Fourth, the project location: Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone

    Fifth, expected to put into economic and social benefits: operating income of 3.0 billion, profits of 3.8 billion, 2,000 jobs.

    Planning instructions

    "Production integration of the city, Trinity" Tianfu new master plan is an important concept, within a certain range to a specific industry-led, there is a corresponding production service package. The Bosch Group in Chengdu base vehicle chassis control system, is the Automotive Technology Department of China's largest production base layout, high-end automobile industry in Chengdu project will provide support. Specific to the base of the construction process, will be in accordance with "intensive development, green low-carbon" requirements for construction. Base for a total area of ​​430 acres, of which an area of ​​77 acres, investment 283 million yuan, annual output value will reach 800 million yuan; two covers an area of ​​110 acres, invested 500 million yuan to build its annual output will reach 23 billion yuan; three covers an area of ​​240 acres, is expected to invest 95 million yuan.

    ABS / ESP system + sensor, which is the impression in people's standard of high-end cars. Today, the invention of the car in the history of one of the most important results of the German Bosch company will set up factories in Chengdu, the configuration of these high-end cars from the year after starting to realize the "Chengdu-made." Reporters learned yesterday, Tianfu New Bosch Group will build China's largest base of chassis control systems, Chengdu automotive industry to continue to boost high-end forward.

    Provide support for high-end vehicle manufacturers

    August 26, German Bosch automotive chassis control system project was formally signed in Chengdu Economic Development Zone, which is the Bosch Group, after the investment in Suzhou, China, following the second base chassis control system. According to reports, the project in three phases, the first launch of a project covering 77 acres, invested 283 million yuan, is expected to be completed in March 2013. The first phase of the project mainly produces ABS (Antilock Braking System), ESP (electronic stability system) and the associated sensors, production will produce 1.4 million ABS / ESP sensor system and 19 million for the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota and other high-end vehicle manufacturers to provide support.

    "Now a site preparation has been completed, immediately be able to approach the construction." Construction management side - still on Haibo Liu, site manager construction Consulting Co., Ltd. has made a special trip from Shanghai headquarters arrived in Chengdu. According to him, three years of the project will be fully completed in 2019-2020. In Chengdu, Bosch will all the local vehicle manufacturers and numerous international manufacturers to provide products, the average annual output value is expected to reach 20 billion yuan or more.

    It is understood that as the world's second-largest supplier of automotive technology, the world's largest auto parts company, one of Germany's largest industrial companies, producing products related to Bosch automotive technology, industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology and other fields. Bosch Automotive Systems Technology Department, including gasoline, diesel fuel systems, chassis systems, all Bosch business sectors are already settled in China. The chassis of this car in Chengdu control system is its Automotive Technology in China's largest production base layout.

    Chengdu automotive industry with the "bottom" gas

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