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Ni-MH battery industry faces transformation of the pres

China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association Liu Yanlong 21, told reporters on the China Securities Journal, 2012, Ni-MH battery industry, the domestic pressure will be relatively large, such as raw material prices remain at present prices, the industry may have increased slightly, if raw material prices rise again, the pressure will increase product substitution, nickel-metal hydride battery companies face pressure to further transformation.

     According to reports, in 2011, nickel-metal hydride battery industry raw materials, whether nickel, rare earth alloy powder prices are escalating, nickel-metal hydride battery production costs increased by nearly 11%, while, with nickel prices, exchange rates, inflation, labor costs rise, in 2011 the majority of nickel-metal hydride battery domestic enterprises at a loss. 2011, a small nickel-metal hydride battery production declined by more than 10%, HEV (hybrid device) with a large Ni-MH battery production increased 10%. The domestic industry to a small nickel-metal hydride battery nickel metal hydride batteries in consumer products are the main, HEV battery produced mainly by Japanese companies, the supply of Japanese car manufacturers.

     Liuyan Long said that in the lithium battery electric vehicles do not appear before the high-volume, large-scale nickel-metal hydride battery is still room for development. Next few years, nickel-metal hydride battery market in Japan is expected to maintain 10% -20% growth rate, in which a small nickel-metal hydride battery market will shrink, large scale nickel-metal hydride battery market expected to grow from 212 million in 2012 and gradually increased to 2015 years, 315 million. For domestic enterprises, faced a similar transformation pressure.

     This trend is reflected in the listed companies. Corun (600,478) loss of 14.5871 million yuan in January 7-9, then the profit of 10.4289 million yuan a year earlier, company posted operating costs increased by 71.3%; present, Corun HEV products to increase investment in the first half of 2011 Panasonic's acquisition of the production car's nickel-metal hydride hybrid battery Shonan CorunEnergy Corporation.

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