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Causes of burning engine oil may be a problem in itself

The main source of burning oil cylinder, cylinder and piston cylinder wall --- contact surface, for various reasons with the gap increasing, Mifengbuyan, jump up to the combustion chamber resulting in the emergence of the oil burning oil, the specific reasons are the following:

     contact surface with the situation. Different models, different precision. Economy cars, its accuracy is slightly lower, the gap slightly larger than some high-end car models, and thus part of the economy cars with fully synthetic oil and is not suitable, oil consumption will increase. In addition, different parts of the assembly error, resulting in a vehicle's personality differences.

     the seal of the piston rings. The quality varies piston rings, elastic strength are also different, and in the cylinder to do high-frequency reciprocating motion up and down, wear the differences stand out, the sealing effect of natural difference.

     With the use of time, products of incomplete combustion of coke or product --- manganese, so that the piston ring adhesive loses its elasticity, appears flat shaft friction, piston rings or cylinder wall wear, resulting in burning oil.

     Cylinder or cylinder wall wear serious, leading to the gap between the two is too large, excessive oil fleeing into the combustion chamber.

     engine materials and design is different from the requirements of the film are not the same.

     In addition, the maintenance of quality caused by burning oil can not be overlooked. For example, the bolt is tightened, the piston ring installation is correct, damaged oil seal replacement. On the other hand, the oil from the cylinder head is mainly due to aging or damaged valve seals, valve guides wear as well as partial gap increases, resulting in oil entering the combustion chamber, as another major source of oil burning.

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