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French enterprises to actively enter the Chinese automobile manufacturing services market

France for many years in the automotive field to form a fairly complete industrial system, in addition to PSA Peugeot Citroën and Renault companies and other large vehicle manufacturers, there are a large number of parts enterprises of all sizes, including large international companies and the Small professional and high-tech companies. In addition, for all levels of the services provided by car manufacturers have also formed a mature industry. Today, the high degree of professional automotive service company has an active part in the Chinese market, to find space for development, but they will also bring higher for the Chinese automotive industry production, business efficiency and the degree of international integration.

    Participated this fall in Beijing at the China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) French CITI Engineering Group is an example. Outsourcing services has become a common practice and profit factors, car manufacturing, CITI's business through the 3P (projects, products and processes) in the project outsourcing for the automotive and industrial vehicles, providing a range of EMC service area (engineering, manufacturing, commissioning).

    CITI Engineering Technology Group has developed in Europe and China models derived from the successful experiences of some of the major European car manufacturers have a common and efficient organization and management culture. In the world, able to fully develop and optimize the development of the automobile of one or more specialized functions are not many business enterprises, CITI Group's experience in this area makes it one of a small number of such enterprises. CITI's engineering services include vehicle development to follow the law of convergence between different technologies.

    CITI's team into the heart of the customer's organization which can make a number of operating mode interaction, and focus on producing the final product requirements. This according to customer expectations, a "tailored" the ability to contract the project is an integrated team of CITI efficient operation of the key.

    From 2006 to 2009, CITI Group's engineering team successfully implemented the four major Chinese customer projects, including Dongfeng Citroen Group's project in Hubei.

    Today, CITI Group hopes in Asia, especially in China to develop its "engineering services" business, hope to the implementation of China's major industrial projects to bring their experiences. CITI is planning for the help of partners in China to provide their own engineering services, and the end of 2011, opened two offices in China.

    CITI Engineering Group, participated in September 2011 in Beijing at the China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE), and use it as another opportunity to join the Chinese market. Engineering business manager for Asia - Michel - Mourinho (Jean-MichelNEAU) said: "The exhibition company in China for our future development, it is a major event, from today onwards, we will be happy to China industrial projects, new partners to make our contribution to their project's success is our success. "

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