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Geely 6AT 6-speed gearbox break the monopoly model to the people

Due to the full monopoly of foreign technology and constraints and automatic models has been China's own car in the competition is a major weakness and bottlenecks, while automatic models to become a mainstream trend in the market, the independent choice of surface model was severely reduced. According to related statistics, the current market, foreign brands in China, a joint venture brands of automatic models accounted for more than 70% of the market model, and our own models only accounted for about 7%. Even so, our own cars due to such factors as cost control, procurement, most models are still equipped with automatic 4-speed or 5-speed models of these brands have been generally out of the foreign automatic transmission, has been compared to foreign brands general upgrade of the 6-speed automatic transmission, the automatic models independent models, not only in quantity but also in product technology with the serious lack of competitiveness, leading to automatic transmission models require users to purchase only "eyes on the outside." not only will the price be high, but also an induced choice.

     Fold, according to market share, currently on the market in China, 6AT transmission is equipped with some basic mainstream class B, the displacement of more than 1.8 and 2.0 models, the price generally 170000-20 more than one million, even if the individual A-level, row volume of 1.6 models, the price is 10 million, in order to have a good fuel economy, ride comfort and handling of advanced 6AT automatic models, for many ordinary consumers, the price is a large threshold, the monopoly of foreign Chinese consumers have had to make as much money or "looking car Xing tie." And this history, this year with the December 15 Geely Global Hawk GC7 models listed will be a fundamental change, because it is equipped with our first, developed by the Geely 6AT transmission, 1.8L models , priced at 6.69-8.99 Wan, GC7 has thus become the price of the lowest domestic 6AT models, foreign car prices on automatic transmission monopoly began to be broken, can be predicted with a comprehensive market Geely 6AT, with models increase in the price of automatic models have the final say by the history of foreign car firms will end, which both our own models to enhance the competitiveness and ordinary consumers are no doubt a good thing.

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