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Jialing - Honda's new engine plant operation

Jialing - Honda Engine Co., Ltd. The new plant was officially put into production. Initially expected the new plant capacity to produce 600,000 units, the end of 2011 will increase to an annual capacity of 90 million units, and ultimately production capacity 200 million long-term goals.

    It is reported that the new plant amounted to 210 million yuan of total investment, covers an area of ​​180,000 square meters. Honda's new plant adhering to the concept of green plants, all aspects of energy conservation measures are used to build, is a fully meet the standard of Honda's most advanced factories.

    The factory mainly produces series gasoline engine products, also produces pumps, lawn mowers, tillers and other common end-products. Currently Jialing - Honda engines produced by local production has reached 95%, 80% supporting enterprises are pure Chinese enterprises. 2011 Jialing - Honda's production target of 67 million units, of which 17 million units exported to the U.S., Europe and other 25 countries. Two years later, Jialing - Honda's exports will increase to 90 countries by 2016, Honda 30% of global GM products will be Jialing - Honda's new plant.

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