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Bridgestone truck tires high performance with low fuel consumption

Currently, heavy-duty vehicle population accounts for only 5% of the total motor vehicles, but the nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions are respectively the total motor vehicle emissions account for 74% and 85%. To this end, the experts said, is to reduce the tire's improved key heavy-duty vehicle emissions. Unified management of the cause of Bridgestone tires Bridgestone in China (China) Investment Co., Ltd. announced: its high-performance, low fuel consumption of truck tire Star - wide-base radial tire of the two products has a total of three models the first degree in China market, fully meet the automotive industry, "light" type assembly of a new era.

    It is well known not only entrusted with a large truck and bus safety and efficient road transport, urban construction also carries the important mission, but the attendant environmental problems are obvious. Thus, to reduce vehicle weight, to achieve fuel reduction, reduce costs and become more secure and reliable heavy-duty vehicle and parts manufacturers work together to plant the vane. At present, China on the road for more than 95% of the load-bearing axis of heavy goods vehicles are equipped twin, loading and unloading process is relatively cumbersome, difficult to maintain the inside of tire maintenance, the inconvenience to the users. And from an environmental perspective, the production and use of twins are different degrees to bring a certain amount of environmental load.

    It is understood that the introduction of broad-based Bridgestone radial tires, is the use of radial, tubeless flat and combination of technology, instead of using a twin and used tires. Compared with the twins and use, wide-base tire maintenance convenience, lower rolling resistance tires, lighter weight, can reduce fuel consumption, cost savings for users. Using wide-base tires can increase the radial distance inside the coaxial tires, the vehicle load to improve high speed stability. While in the manufacturing process also reduces the use of resources, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions contribute to environmental protection.

    Currently, a wide base truck tires, high-performance tire technology has become a progressive direction. Experts said that much concern to the industry, "the tire industry policy" to encourage auto companies assembling new tires, wide-base radial tire for the Chinese market into a booster. In market demand and policy encouragement, the introduction of wide-base tires Bridgestone can be described as a wise move.

    Back in the early 21st century, begins with Bridgestone tire development of R & D team working on the redesign of the product structure, to build a large truck and bus application of low fuel consumption, resource saving, high-performance wide-base radial tire products. The Bridgestone (China) launched two products, is designed for in the field of long-distance fixed load, a good driving road wheel semi-trailer vehicles hanging bit design R168 (385/65R22.5) and M748 (385 / 65R22.5, 425/65R22.5). R168 has excellent durability, long life, earth pressure distribution can effectively suppress the occurrence of partial wear. The M748's wide tires deep tread groove design surface, it has a long wear life at the same time has excellent durability and resistance to trauma performance. We can say that these two products to market to a great extent to help the driver control of the operating costs, is one of many drivers of large trucks, the best choice for reference.

    Today, the wide-base radial tire has been successfully applied in Europe, European truck tire replacement market accounted for 22% market share in the United States has also increased. Insiders said the Bridgestone in the Chinese market launch of two new wide-base tire products, heavy-duty truck market, China will set off a "light with a" boom, heavy-duty automobile industry in China leading to the low carbon energy future forward.

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