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Magna Powertrain took part in the future SUV model project

Magna International is the world's most diversified automotive suppliers. Magna designs, develops, manufactures technologically advanced automotive systems, assemblies, modules and components, and have the ability to design and assembly of the vehicle, before the attention of the international auto show concept car a lot of big brands by Magna design and manufacture.

    Magna Powertrain Systems, Inc. is a subsidiary of Magna International, as the business continues to develop, Magna Powertrain Systems continues to expand in China, October 24, 2011, located in Tianjin Airport Development Zone launched the construction of new plants. The event, Magna Powertrain's the scene of several media executives and a media communication will be a long time.

    Exchange executives in the media:

    JakeHirsch President, Global President of Magna Powertrain

    GregDeveson President, Magna Powertrain is a senior vice president of drive systems

    Mr. Sun Xingyuan, Magna China is responsible for marketing and government relations vice president.

    Exchange started, GregDeveson to explain to you Mr. Magna Powertrain the country's main target, the main foundation of the new plant in Tianjin is the Volkswagen customer service and support Volkswagen's 4Motion all-wheel extremely successful drive system localization business. It is reported, including the Audi Q3 (2012 production began) and the new Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen's future SUV models (2015 production) and other projects will have the participation of Magna Powertrain.

    Magna Powertrain's offer for the Volkswagen and Audi all-wheel drive products is the driving force cut-off device and the rear axle drive, the two devices are highly efficient all-wheel-drive system's main components.

    According to reports, Tianjin plant is very high degree of vertical integration. The introduction of new products, both consider reducing the complexity of the effort to focus on our core competencies and knowledge of existing patents.

    Products and processes, including

    1, hypoid gear processing, including:

    Rub tooth spline, power cutting, grinding, turning, laser welding

    2, sclerosis, including

    Transfer case in a box furnace for hardening, transfer case hardening furnace in the Spitfire

    3, assembly

    Mr. GregDeveson media questions after the session, the following is the Record of interview:

    Media: Can you tell us about the situation Changzhou plant.


    Changzhou factory was established in 2005, up to now almost 600 employees, the main products are balance shaft, rear drive module, PTO, oil pump, water pump, variable flow pumps, transmission pumps, flexible plate, clutch housing, thermostat housings, transmission of some products, major customers include Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, etc.

    JakeHirsch stressed, Changzhou plant with similar plant in Tianjin, but also to operate in this way vertical integration, from individual components of the die-casting, machining start to the back of the assembly of all aspects of the product.

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