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GM Korea announced the worldwide recall of 100,000 vehicles-glow plug,spark plug

GM Korea (also known as GM Daewoo) today announced the worldwide recall of 100,000 vehicles, the recall of these vehicles is due to leakage of the fuel hose failure occurs, resulting in car suddenly broke down.

     General Korean company said the recall was conducted on a global scale, all the recalled models are diesel engine models, including 23,795 cars 2008 models 2.0 liter engine configuration of the Korean version Copaci (Winstorm ) and 3,141 vehicles in 2011 models Max2.0 liter Winstorm.

     Other models also recall involves 62,945 model year 2008-2012 vehicles configured 2.0-liter diesel engine 2008-2011 Chevrolet Cruze models equipped with 2.0-liter diesel engines of the King, and the snow Folankepa odd and so on.

     GM said it will notify all of the above issues as soon as the owners of cars, but GM has not given a specific recall date.

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