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Wall 1.5T successful independent production engine-glow plug,spark plug

WASHINGTON Recently, China's own brand of engine achieved a major breakthrough: Power Research Institute by the Great Wall Great Wall of independent R & D success 1.5T turbocharged engine production. Tengyi C50 has been the first to carry the driving force, the application just around the corner. According to production plans, marketing plans 8,000 units in 2011, to total sales in 2016 will achieve 1.2 million units. Of production operations, the annual sales income will reach 2.8 billion.

    Wall 1.5T turbocharged 1.5L engine not only is the first production turbocharged gasoline engine, but also is the first pressurized aluminum cylinder gasoline engine. Because of its cylinder block, cylinder head, intake manifold aluminum alloy materials, plastic cylinder head cover measures adopted so that the whole weight decreased by 20%, vehicle fuel consumption decreased by 16%. At the same time, it's power increase of 25.6%, 36.2% improved torque, 1.8L engine can easily reach the power and torque, to achieve better power performance and fuel economy.

    "Great car one small step for China's auto industry, a big step," State Information Center, Information Resources Development Department Director Xu Changming believes that the Great Wall 1.5T engine production, breaking the monopoly of foreign capital, its own brand in the engine core areas and win important voice. The industry believes that the Great Wall 1.5T engine production can be set off in the industry, Butterfly effect. Wall 1.5T engine is bound to further stimulate the production of independent research and development boom, more emphasis on the independent brand core technology, to speed up China's auto industry into the world automotive industry chain pace.

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