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Fire truck on the highway was robbed of more than 40 million auto parts out-glow plug,spark plug

The afternoon of October 22, a truck full of auto parts on the highway in Shanghai and Chongqing spontaneous combustion, fire officers and soldiers from the state climb out the flames more than 40 million auto parts.

     5 o'clock in the afternoon, high in Shanghai and Chongqing Tan dam away from the direction of Icheon Enshi Enshi Xi exports to two kilometers, a fully loaded truck auto parts, Hebei Ji spontaneous combustion. State fire brigade Qingjiang, two squadrons of Secret Service rushed to the scene after the alarm emergency relief.

     Fire brigade arrived, the fire is burning fiercely, the highway has been closed temporarily. In the Highways Department with the assistance of the fire brigade immediately started rescue, the fire control. Until 7 o'clock that evening, the efforts of the fire brigade, the fire was extinguished. Subsequently, the fire brigade to rescue the rapid evacuation of the cargo on board. The estimate, the rescue, rescue materials worth a total of 40 million yuan. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

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