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eBay auto parts like the sudden emergence of a market network of foreign trade

According to the August 2011 "eBay Asian electronics export trade report" shows that to sell on eBay from Asian exporting countries and regions in the top ten category sales, auto parts sixth. Mainland China as eBay's largest export base in Asia, has always been to electronics and clothing products is known, however, according to the latest statistics, the efforts of the seller in China, auto products in the past three years to achieve a more than 8 times growth, eBay category on the export of auto parts is called "a dark horse in the market."

E-commerce sales in the field of auto parts, auto parts features unlike any other product, it is more focused on professional performance, the vertical depth of more needed services, which the seller is bound to make more sales and service requirements. At present, China's automobile production enterprises, more and more companies are beginning to cross-border e-commerce, because they found that their cross-border e-procurement, marketing costs greatly reduced, inventory reduction, sales channels widened. In this context, China's auto parts enterprises aware of the cross-border e-commerce as an emerging business model, can provide the network platform to help them integrate manufacturers, suppliers, sales and service, helping reduce operating, procurement, logistics and other costs, but also for their participation in the international market competition, enhance their brand influence provides a shortcut. Now, there are more and more Chinese auto parts sellers involved in this market category, will be printed with "Made in China" in auto sales go overseas to earn a huge difference.

On eBay, $ 32 billion annual sales of auto parts products, active in more than 19 million users of auto parts products, a huge market has attracted the Chinese sellers have settled eBay, sellers of Chinese auto parts camp's growing class . Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xiao Hui is dependent on the eBay platform to develop a senior eBay auto parts sellers.

Xiao Hui Chen Hui is the founder of trade, in his eBay shop, all kinds of car lights, auto accessories, car seats, looks very professional. In 2005, Chen Hui identity of the individual sellers on eBay beginning in cross-border trade, the latter has grown in strength, was established in 2006, Xiao Hui in Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd., currently has more than 20 employees, monthly sales of 100 million million. Chen Hui entrepreneurial story goes back to his college. At that time, he learned a chance eBay. Employment or business? After careful thought and research, Chen Huiyi then gave up a stable job, but in the beginning of the Auto Parts category on eBay products export business. "At that time, the network is a professional foreign trade, especially the higher classification of auto parts, but few people involved, then the business has developed very well." Chen Hui memories of her early days of the day, still full of passion. It is also this passion that prompted him to continue to develop their own eBay business, expand business scale. From the individual sellers to start their own company, Chen Hui, the objective is clear. He said, eBay is like a partner to be with him, with him to grow. On the basis of operations in the shop, Chen Hui in Shanghai Putuo District Caoyang Road, opened the car repair and maintenance of the store "Prancing Horse family car e station", the address selected in the vicinity of his start-up companies, because "that where have feelings, "he said," I hope that through constantly trying to make their business more broad way. "

The Chinese market on eBay, Chen Hui's experience is not the case, there are many entrepreneurs experiencing the same as Chen Hui transformation and growth. It is also they brought the Chinese auto market products in more than eight times over the past three years, the rapid growth of development.

Not only is China, eBay global automotive parts and accessories, also highlights a new high-speed growth. June 2011, sales rose 26.7%, much higher than the average increase for all commodities. eBay also introduced various measures to stimulate the auto parts online retail, for example, "My Garage" feature on the launch of much praise. Through the "My Garage", users can add applications like cars and accessories. The two-dimensional code by infrared scanning technology, users can scan any vehicle identification data (VIN), in the "my garage" in the car of the Year added, manufacturing information and model information. Industry commented that the efforts of the vertical field of commodities makes eBay continues to grow.

eBay innovative initiatives, but also makes the top international brands to join eBay's platform. BMW Direct in May this year on eBay UK site on-line, BMW has become the first through the eBay online sales of spare parts directly to the owners of the car manufacturers, which will be BMW's first venture into e-commerce.

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