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Bosch's new generation of brake caliper upgrade ZOH

In 2012, Bosch will launch a new product, which is based on market-proven ZOH brake caliper upgrade. In the new generation of ZOHe (Bosch zero-offset design upgrade), our engineering team to further improve the brake caliper stiffness and friction plate and brake caliper body-oriented system. These new features ensure ZOHe brake calipers to precisely and smoothly run. When the brake released state, the brake caliper will be in the best position of symmetry. This has two advantages: first, to maintain the freedom of a small gap, pedal feel is improved. Second, residual brake torque is reduced, thus reducing the driving resistance and the friction plate wear and tear. More importantly, ZOHe brakes have better noise and vibration performance. Such as the use of cast iron clamp body, ZOHe lighter than existing products 5%. Materials such as cast aluminum, the weight can be further reduced ZOHe 7%.

    For a new generation of ZOHe be installed in the front axle or rear axle, and may need to configure a single piston or dual piston, the scope of application ranging from cars to light trucks of various models. For the rear brakes, Bosch offers a variety of solutions, including a program with an integrated brake caliper on the ZOHe achieved in the motor vehicle; Another option is to use human or motor to drive the parking cable, and further by the resident cable car in the drive ZOHe brake mechanism to achieve the parking.

    New brake caliper in the development process using advanced simulation software. It helps engineers reduce the weight of the brake caliper also increased the stiffness. This is to improve the braking performance and pedal feel is a key factor.

    Addition to the brake caliper, the Bosch Chassis Systems also manufactures brake discs, drum brakes, brake booster and master cylinder.

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