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Ocean Motor: new energy to enhance the performance of the company motor vehicles

Is a National Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in the motor, the new energy automotive electric drive motor and control system development, production and sales, product widely used in household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, motor locomotives and automatic control industry. Supporting companies in the whole air-conditioning in the second segment, the market share of about 20%. Has formed annual production capacity of 40 million sets of micro-motor production capacity.

The biggest thing is the company's new energy auto motor. New energy vehicles in China focus on the development of emerging industries, in January 2009, the state to introduce "10 City, 1000" New Year's energy vehicles to promote the plan, with the continuous increase in pilot cities, to the end of 2010, the pilot cities the number has increased to 25, a total of 7800 to promote new energy vehicles. According to the present city of 4500 per vehicle to promote new energy calculation, the new energy cars in 2012 will reach 90,000, more than 200% compound growth rate. This rapid growth in market demand, will bring an unprecedented profit-related business growth. New energy vehicles motor is the core component of new energy vehicles, a direct impact on its performance and efficiency of the performance of electric vehicles, in addition, the motor size and weight also affect the car's overall efficiency. Therefore, the new energy demand of the motor vehicle industry's largest, government subsidies given to most of the technical barriers are relatively high. The company's electric vehicle drive motor and control system industry breakthrough in 2010, sales of motor and control system to achieve sales revenue of 8,191 million yuan. In Zhongshan and Beijing to build a new energy vehicles with high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor and control system production capacity of 5,000 sets, covering 1KW-130KW Series. The company also with Foton, FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor and a number of clients to establish a close contact, making the company's electrical products marketing mind. Motor industry as a new energy NO.1, the company will continue to enjoy the high growth of the business.

Doing business in the main R & D, production and sales, the company also have targeted the upstream raw materials. Recently the company announced a total investment 102 million yuan acquisition of Ningbo Ke Xing 51% of the shares. Ningbo Ke Xing main products are magnetic materials, the chairman of Pan Daoliang are majors in college, a former director of the Institute Ningbo Yunsheng Group, magnetic materials. Division of the company has annual output of 12 tons of SmCo, NdFeB 1000 tons of production capacity. Permanent magnet materials and new energy efficient intelligent motor with permanent magnet synchronous motor car key component in the realization of Ningbo Ke Star Holdings, the company's motor will further reduce production costs, profitability be improved. In addition, the capital increase is completed, Ningbo Ke Star have the ability to further expansion, the future of permanent magnetic materials is expected to become the company's new profit growth point.

Secondary market, the stock fell in after a period of time after the sell into the kinetic energy has been basically depleted, the amount can gradually shrink. Various technical indicators also show the severe oversold. The stock purchase options, and other recent positive stimulation, starting from weak to strong, rebound situation significantly. Expects the stock in the new energy vehicles out of planning the occasion of the forthcoming wave of new rally, we recommend investors focus on.

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