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Great Wall and the world's two automotive parts manufacturers in-depth cooperation

Recently, the Great Wall and the German Bosch, Borg Warner, the United States signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, Great Wall Motor will be supporting the companies products in the past, based on the extensive technical cooperation and research and development for innovation.

    September 26, signed with Germany's Bosch, the two sides on the chassis to carry out the braking system and engine management products such as the depth of the R & D cooperation agreement. Jian-Jun Wei, chairman of Great Wall Motor, said: "Previously, our product research and development facilities and core power, has carried out extensive cooperation in the future, will continue to deepen mutual cooperation, focusing on engine development on the high efficiency and low emissions to meet increasingly stringent new standard for vehicle fuel consumption and emissions. "

    Since 2005, Bosch has a wide range of products supporting the three major categories in the Great Wall, and joint research and development on both sides frequently in engine innovation. Great Wall in 2006 jointly developed with Bosch electronically controlled high pressure common rail diesel engine, which was the first use of the technology in the country, after matching the popularity of China diesel Hover SUV market, changed the perception of "SUV gas guzzlers' concept. In May, Jun 5 matching green wind static 2.OT diesel-powered, with a Bosch common-rail system, fuel economy has increased significantly.

    Three days later, the Great Wall and the world's leading automotive supplier BorgWarner Transmission strategic alliance, both sides automotive timing chain drive systems, intelligent torque management devices and other transmission products to establish cooperation rules. Great Wall Motor cooperation with Borg Warner also began in 2005. Initially, the Borg Warner Hover SUV and pickup trucks equipped with electronically controlled air Chun four-wheel drive actuator. Recently, the application of models in the new Harvard H5 turbochargers and transfer case has been in volume production. The end of supporting intelligent torque at Harvard H6 manager, will also be mass production.

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