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Open two engine broke down the Mercedes I like tractors
Recently, residents Mr Tsui to this call, say, oneself buy Mercedes S400 gas-electric hybrid cars less than two years, has experienced a negative battery replacement, engine, air shut-off valve and other components, in addition to these problems, usually a little more is constantly. He frequented the 4S shop repair in recent years, most of the time from 4 time a week.
According to Mercedes owners Mr Xu introduction, in 2009 December, he was in Harbin City District Urban and rural road" Harbin star Mercedes 4S store" to buy a about 1300000 yuan worth of gas-electric hybrid cars type S400 benz. In 2010 November, Mr. Xu ready to drive to work when found the car suddenly strikes nonignition, whole vehicle does not have electricity, in to the battery charge cannot fire. So to the 4S shop repair, technical staff told him to replace the negative battery. In February this year, Mr. Xu drove to Beijing to see a doctor, during the running of the engine is heard droning sound. After two months, the noise is more and more serious, colleagues nicknamed Mr Xu 's car is" Mercedes tractor".
In May 3rd this year, Mr. Xu again will Benz to 4S shop, technical staff said that the engine fault can not repair, can give the replacement of German origin engine, and donated 10000 yuan coupon payments, the warranty period of two years. The replacement of the engine, the car in the 4S shop" live" more than 50 days.
In July 9th, Mr. Xu again found just after the car air-conditioning repair, continuous operation can not be closed, again to the shop to repair, the technical personnel replaced the air cut-off valve. The very next day, Mr. Xu had originally thought that the car can be a problem, as Mr Xu went to the airport to meet guests on the way, ESP ( anti skid system ) sudden alarm, vehicle speed should not exceed 80 kilometers, so again have to enter the shop repair, technical personnel testing without fruit, said computer testing data are abnormal.
Mr. Xu said, the Mercedes and later the steering wheel to move up and down, the telescopic function does not work, car back door won't open problems. Mr. Xu said the car has to be mentally and physically exhausted. But in the repair process, 4S shops are not allowed into the workshop to see Mr Xu repair process, just tell him for what parts. Concrete repair which parts, two years he also does not understand, and stores have also refused to provide repair record.
In recent years, Mr. Xu in addition to enter store troubleshooting reasons, has been its representations," Benz" are offered him repair coupons or warranty etc..
For this, the reporter interviewed Harbin star Mercedes 4S shop a self-proclaimed Li's manager. He said, unable to give answer to reporters, headquarters after approval. After 10 days, the 4S shop manager Li still did not reply to reporters.

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