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Fast transmission remanufacturing program to reach mass production levels

Remanufacturing as the first 14 pilot enterprises, Shaanxi Fast Company now has a monthly production capacity of 200 remanufactured transmission capacity, and strive to produce within two years and then manufacture 15,000 units of the target transmission.

     In May 2008, Fast Company started re-manufacturing project, which lasted three years, is now fully re-opened the manufacturing process. The project is the end of 2010 the first units off the assembly line and then made ​​a successful transmission, and the factory passed the online test, the safety key performance indicators and quality indicators have reached the original factory standards.

     Unlike the practice of foreign and domestic advocates of "higher than from the repair and restoration," the re-manufacturing model, in the initial stage of operation very difficult. Fast to follow the technical feasibility, giving priority to efficiency and cost control on the basis of three principles to determine the scientific development of remanufacturing project ideas. Company's technical staff with reality, strictly implement the relevant national testing standards, and actively carry out re-manufacturing processes, materials, process optimization and material recycling technology research activities.

     To ensure the re-manufactured products into the market for user ease of use, Fast Company to develop testing standards for remanufactured parts is much higher than the previous standard of repair, that re-assembly of factory manufactured product testing standards and testing standards for new factory the same. Meanwhile, the factory re-manufactured transmission strict accordance with the "auto parts remanufacturing product identification standard" and common practice in Europe and other countries, a significant position in the product indicated on the recycling logo, which is the automotive parts remanufacturing mandatory labeling, comprehensive maintenance of the consumer's right to know and to choose.

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