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Daimler Northeast Asia's quality certification by VDA

September 20, TV SÜD TV in Beijing in order to obtain review of Daimler Northeast Asia Investment Co., Ltd. issued VDA6.2: 2004 certification. This is the first in Asia TV issued to the vehicle group VDA6.2 certificate. Meanwhile, Daimler Northeast Asia's six subsidiaries have their own business to obtain the corresponding certificate, comprehensive coverage of Daimler Northeast Asia in the Chinese mainland, China Taiwan and South Korea's Mercedes - Benz passenger cars, commercial cars, auto finance and parts business.

     At present, most of the local and joint-venture production plant of its automobile manufacturers have established a quality management system, but the entire group by the TV all automotive-related services VDA6.2 quality certification in the country and Asia is the first time, this Daimler Northeast Asia sub-audited and certified by VDA6.2 for domestic auto makers set up a new service benchmark.

     TV, president and CEO of Greater China, said Fan Huade, perfect quality management system established for the increasingly competitive automobile market is very important. Daimler TVSD is pleased to provide services such as well-known enterprises. Hope that the two companies to open up more fields. TVSD will continue coverage through a global network and extensive expertise in technology, more efficient for customers to quickly provide one-stop service.

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