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China's first: Shenzhen BAK create high-capacity electric vehicle battery

Shenzhen BAK Battery, Inc. recently announced by the company's first self-produced single Chinese electric vehicle battery 100 Ah, 100 Ah battery module and the official line. This indicates that China in the new energy automotive power applications, but also a big step forward.

     According to reports, the market power car batteries generally use a combination of single cell approach, there is a certain security risk, but high manufacturing costs. Independently developed by the BAK monomer 100 Ah battery electric vehicle, using a number of advanced materials and technologies, such as heat-sensitive materials, new electrolyte, thin-layer coating technology, CT scanning technology, batteries and other screening techniques, effective solve the thermal runaway, the battery internal temperature in the case of the positive and negative short-circuit and other technical problems. BAK 100 An electric vehicle battery when the module is based on the "battery module" of the R & D manufacture, using a single global model is currently the most mature product 18650 United States of mature technology and module technology, its mode staining, according to user needs with the power requirements of the field of free combination, breaking the previous single battery capacity and specifications of the traditional manufacturing of fixed pattern, greatly improving the flexibility of battery applications.

     It is understood that this is the most stable domestic performance, the maximum capacity of a hybrid vehicle battery modules. BAK Battery company independently developed and manufactured electric vehicle battery supply is already at the first, the world's top five, from January to August this year relative to last year's shipments increased 8-fold.

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