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China's auto safety into the 2.0 era

Many people are nostalgic. Some nostalgic songs, because the blue sky with a childhood, because with a touch of melancholy, let us fascinated. Childhood more than life now what? What less?
Life now, more than the childhood of electronic products, more cars, many more convenient, but it is undeniable that, also lost a lot of fun. Lifestyle changed as a result a lot. Ask you if you are willing to return to the past? I believe many people will say they want to go back. But they also know that it is able to return to say. After all both are human beings and society has been moving forward, because the pursuit of a better life, only non-stop efforts of human society was constantly progress. So, I think of sad past that point, able to stop us from forging ahead. Hand, will make our efforts to improve the living and life.

For example, automobile society, everyone can not be separated, both love and hate cars.

Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau according to the latest statistics, as of the end of June 2011, total motor vehicle ownership in China reached 217 million, experts say, the next 5-10 years, the "car society" will become one of the main features of the development. If that is the first decade of the new millennium, the rapid development of China's auto consumption stage, then started from the second decade, car in China has not only a consumer, but also a way of life, obviously, 2011 years, we are living in the community is experiencing a new car across, which will have an important and profound in all aspects of the impact of ... ...

Car is to liberate our legs, or let our legs further loss of function? Air pollution is inevitable or is the car the cost to society? If the car so that we travel convenience, the radius of an unprecedented expansion of life, then, whether on road safety must be the price?

Of course not. Since the car is invented by us, since it is for us, so, in the car to change our lives, we are constantly, to improve step by step with it, make it more responsive to our lives. Therefore, the car always progress, but also the long-lasting and fresh.

So, perhaps we too fast, maybe we do not keep up with the relevant supporting, maybe we have to purchase, but we always hold to accept for the car and an open mind. For example, vehicle safety. The first car, that only a tight squeeze up to brake, but now? A variety of devices, people are numerous. Moreover, on security, as well as a unified rating, such as the NCAP (car crash standards), although there will be different in various standards, but certainly higher than the country and local regulations and standards.

Steam in the C-NCAP ISRO has been for many years. Annual release of the results the collision, has become an industry event. Car crash results are also an important criterion for people. Perhaps the enterprise security configuration, each focusing on technology, but the result of the collision is uniform, see the "digital" words, numbers, all are equal before.

Three years, the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, the spirit of "shared security car life" theme, along with the China Automobile An automobile consumer show and the rapid development of automobile industry, build a large number of mainstream car prices as well as a number of social institutions, in automotive safety technology and vehicle safety culture on the two main double force, and achieved outstanding results. "Deep collaboration, joint promotion of" safe mode, steam is undoubtedly play an important role in developing the key to ensure, through the "joint", government departments, traffic safety laws and regulations and the "civilized transportation action plan," Publicizing and promoting can be good, industry research agencies receive timely release of the latest achievements and share safety car companies cutting-edge concepts, technologies and products to get real-time transmission and display, this series of initiatives arising from the industry-based, social spillover effects for the general public and consumers to create a a full range of security and the new space a new dimension.

In recent years, with security technology innovation and breakthrough, driving safety has made great progress, European and American systems of "iron theory", Department of South Korea and Japan's "absorption" theory of mutual integration, while, with its own brand in the automotive huge investment in security technology, automotive safety technology is to achieve new leaps, 2011 (fourth) tour of China's auto safety topics on this basis, continue to deepen the "shared life safety car" theme, achievement of a style of vehicle safety technologies trip. Chery, Beijing Hyundai, Ford, Dongfeng Honda, KIA, Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou Toyota, Guangzhou Automobile passenger cars, Subaru (China), Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai Automotive, Shanghai GM, Dongfeng Peugeot, FAW - Volkswagen, FAW Mazda car prices together 15 leading exhibitors, panorama showing the latest automotive safety technology and ideas, so that the general public and consumers once again feel the powerful pulse of the automotive safety technology.

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