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Wiper motor memory defects Qingdao 324 Subaru vehicles will be recalled

Recently, due to defective wiper motor, Subaru Motor (China) Ltd. to the AQSIQ submitted a recall report, decided September 28, 2011 from the recall of some of the imported Subaru Legacy and Outback car, a total of 36 728. Qingdao area involved is 324.

Wiper motor memory defects

The recall of the Subaru Legacy (Legacy) and Outback (Outback) for the import car models 2010 and 2011, the production date of November 4, 2009 ~ May 17, 2011.

Reason for the recall, Subaru said that as the front wiper motor relay may happen to interfere with the motor bottom, front wipers will be hindered due to external reasons (such as snow), can not return to normal position, causing the former wiper motor abnormalities contacts within the continuous vibration, insulating parts of the formation of carbides causing electricity, heat, resulting in bottom melting front wiper motor loss, severe, burning motor bottom there is the phenomenon, there are security risks. Subaru Motor (China) Co., Ltd. will recall the replacement of vehicles within the bottom front wiper motor, to eliminate defects.

Qingdao involving 324

28 am, reporters by Subaru (China) Co., Ltd. in Qingdao, Qingdao Huatai Fu Shi Si Baru dealer franchise stores understand that require the recall of vehicles involved in Qingdao for the 324. Store service personnel Wang told reporters that they had received from headquarters sent me recall involves the owners of vehicles in Qingdao information. In addition, Ms. Wang said the vehicle parts to be replaced at least until next month 7 to sent me from headquarters. "So here Qingdao recall specific work needs to commence until after the parts arrived, together with our customers to get in touch to arrange for them to come to replace the parts."

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