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Bosch 2011 Automotive Technology R & D investment of 3.3 billion euros

Recently, the opening day of the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, held a news conference, the Bosch Group Chairman Franz Bach Run for the presence of international media said: "The first half of the economic decline does not mean a new round of recession soon come, do not overreact to rush this Bosch expects global auto production will continue to achieve growth of 5%. "Fehrenbach believes that at this stage of economic fluctuations requiring close attention to this enterprise. He said that while Asia and South America, including a number of areas, including the rapid development of the emerging automotive market growth rate slowed slightly in the near future, catch up with developed countries, but the trend has not changed.

    Affected by economic fluctuations, the second half of the Bosch Group's business growth expected to slow slightly, but including automotive and industrial technology and consumer goods and building technology, including the overall business will continue to achieve 10% growth. Fehrenbach said: "We believe that sales of the Bosch Group in 2011 exceeded 50 billion euros for the first time." Which, automotive technology business, sales will exceed 300 million euros.

    With the business development, Bosch demand for talent to further expand. Bosch Group will be expected to add 15,000 employees, the total number of employees at the end of more than 30 million people; Automotive Technology business which will add about 10,000 employees, making the whole number of automotive technology businesses employ approximately 177 000. At the same time, Bosch is committed to the future of technology will continue to research and development - 2011, Bosch only in the field of automotive technology R & D percentage of sales of more than 10%, up to 33 billion euros. Fehrenbach said: "This initial investment will help Bosch to better respond to and support the transformation of the automotive industry."


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