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Common posture assumed leading electric car industry

If agreement is not a continuous spate of public, people may not know GM's board quietly came to China. In recent days, a series of news came from GM's China headquarters: September 20, Shanghai Automotive and the U.S. General Motors announced that they will jointly develop next-generation electric vehicle platform; September 22, a leading global technology company General Electric (GE) and General Motors (GM) signed a cooperation memorandum of cooperation, both sides will be strong together, work together to promote electric vehicles in the Chinese infrastructure.

Said that this is GM's board for the first time held outside the U.S. market. The arrival of General Motors board of directors will not be a coincidence, right now, decide the future of China's auto industry development path of the "energy-saving and new energy vehicle development plan (2011-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") issued soon, the reporter from the relevant channels informed that the new fuel consumption standards high even "strict in the United States," while battery technology to solve the bottleneck in the future, after this "plan" or trillions will be leveraging the new energy vehicle market, "leverage."

As far the world's only experience with electric vehicle manufacturing and sales experience in automotive giant, General Motors apparently hopes that, through work in China's auto companies and a leading global technology company occupying a people difficult to match the high ground.

Sharing platform can bring what?

According to SAIC and General Motors signed an agreement: the next few years, SAIC, GM and the two sides of the joint venture will be based on the joint development of next-generation electric vehicle platform to launch their new electric vehicle product. SAIC and GM will be the technical team for the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, the global R & D base, the common platform for next-generation electric vehicle research and development.

Both sides agreed that, just signed a new generation of electric car platform is a joint development agreement in November 2010 signed by both parties, "SAIC - General Strategic Cooperation Memorandum" on the basis of which new energy vehicles to further improve cooperation projects and implementation.

Chinese auto companies for the first time this major international Automotive Group to jointly develop new energy car platform, the industry is still no shortage of people questioned: General Motors, Wal-blue Chevrolet volt electric car program has been entered by the industrialization stage, General Motors is want to take the technology in exchange for subsidies! Because the starting point of cooperation is not the same starting line.

GM China Group President and Managing Director Kevin Wale (Kevin Wale) denies. It is understood that, prior to the convening of the General Board of Directors on the Board of Shanghai GM, Wale has been identified in the Shanghai GM to introduce new products and technologies. For electric vehicles, VOLT, Shanghai GM's board also determined to enhance the future as China's market, VOLT ultimately be a gradual transition to full import of domestic assembly, and then to the domestic.

"GM VOLT electric car will soon enter China, but we all know, China imported cars do not subsidize new energy vehicles within the scope." Wale said.

The industry believes that the most promising results both partners is in a relatively short period of alliance by the two car companies develop next-generation electric vehicles, while the use of both the development of new energy vehicles in the process of accumulation of technical experience and market experience to achieve shared accelerate the rate of generation of electric car industry to reduce development costs.

GE's agreement with the more solid

When General Motors is still in the strategic partnership with SAIC stage, General Motors and General Electric has entered a substantial collaboration between the operations.

Earlier this year, Shanghai was the Chinese government designated as a national pilot city of the first electric car. According to General Motors and General Electric recently signed agreement, both sides agreed in Jiading District in Shanghai's government-designated International Electric Vehicle Demonstration Zone and General Motors China headquarters in Shanghai park and installation of General Electric WattStationTM DuraStationTM charging system. WattStationTM and DuraStationTM Industrial Systems GE Energy is the development of different specifications of the electric vehicle charging system for electric vehicles to provide home and charging for road use and rapid exchange of solutions.

Under the agreement, GE will purchase manufactured by General Motors Wal-blue Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle, for GE's China headquarters in Shanghai park use. In addition, GE and General Motors will also coordinate the two sides with China-related government departments, legislative bodies and the power supply enterprise communication efforts to jointly support the development of Chinese electric car industry to establish standards.

Industry experts believe that, regardless of GM cars in the new energy to the height of the occupation, from the current view, its market understanding and ability to control policy has been at the forefront of domestic enterprises. , Respectively, and GE signed an agreement with SAIC gap, September 21, General Motors Chairman and CEO of Exxon (Dan Akerson) announced that General Motors China Advanced Technology Research Center completed a formal, there will be as common Auto important part of the global strategic plan to carry out global research and development.

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