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Public acquisition of an occasion to enter the Chinese commercial vehicle market Mann

Three years ago the Swedish truck maker Scania Trucks (SCANIA) bag of Volkswagen Group ("Volkswagen"), has finally completed the coveted another truck manufacturer - Bangkok (MAN SE) acquisitions.
The acquisition, or the birth of Europe's largest commercial group, the global commercial vehicle market, the competitive landscape will change. Been looking for opportunities to enter the Chinese commercial vehicle market, Volkswagen will also be done from scratch to a qualitative change.

XI sub-brand

According to foreign media reports, September 26, public access to European Commission antitrust approval for its acquisition of truck maker Man completely (MAN SE) cleared the road.

Volkswagen's acquisition of Man began in October 2006, but then the public focus has been on the acquisition of Swedish truck maker Scania truck body. Until the end of 2009, Volkswagen of Brazil by truck and bus business in the hands of Man company, holds a 29.9% stake in Man, Man gradually began the offensive.

In early July, Volkswagen said it has successfully acquired the German truck maker MAN's 55.9% stake. August 23, Volkswagen presented to the European Commission antitrust approval to apply for approval of its acquisition of over Man.

The European Commission said in a statement, the transaction is not found in any competitive situation could lead to fluctuations. Commission executive director, said: "After the investigation committee, the acquisition is completed, the European heavy truck and bus market will remain competitive situation."

Research in China has been committed to commercial passenger and then co-Shun Yang, Vice Secretary-General appears next step will be to promote the public's truck maker Scania and Man of the merger, to form a large commercial vehicle manufacturer in the truck business with Germany's Daimler, Volvo, Sweden and Italy Iveco truck to compete.

Thus, the pattern of global heavy truck industry, or because of the acquisition and substantial changes. Currently, Daimler, Volvo, Man, Scania, Iveco and other major truck companies, market share is relatively fixed. In the heavy truck field, ahead of the competition the most effective way is acquired. Previously, Volvo had planned to buy Scania, Man can not move through the acquisition of Scania's idea, but all failed.

The industry is expected, Scania and MAN the combined group, will replace Daimler became the first European manufacturer of heavy trucks and buses, and 27% share of European truck market share, while Daimler's market share was 23%.

Synergies and economies of scale are important reasons to change the competitive landscape. Volkswagen had previously said publicly, the public, Man and Scania trucks in the annual tripartite cooperation will be able to save one billion euros on spending, including procurement and development expenditures.

Volkswagen already has a share capital of Cayman's 53.7% and 55.9% of the voting rights, is the company's largest shareholder, will also become a popular natural Man's eleventh holding sub-brands.

Last year, Volkswagen announced the establishment of a new truck department, director of production by the Group as head of its global alliance strategy of heavy truck vehicle began to take shape, this short stretch weak commercial development board.

Occasion to enter the Chinese

Man of the application is approved the acquisition, not only means that the public has a full range of automotive products to the world's largest automotive group further, and also completed the layout of the Chinese commercial vehicle market, a historic step.

Chinese commercial vehicle market is relatively stable growth, according to statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the first eight months of this year, including heavy trucks, commercial vehicles, including passenger cars sold 2.7653 million, and from 2009 has become part of the world's largest re- card market.

In recent years, Daimler, Volvo, Scania and other multinational giants, or find a partner, or increase sales efforts, trying to occupy a larger market share as soon as possible.

Volkswagen passenger car market in China, although the layout complete, but no improvement has been in the commercial vehicle, Changan Group had also reported contacts with the news, but then incurs both sides deny.

The Man with the origin of Chinese car is very far-reaching, in addition to China's heavy truck investment of 560 million euros, 25% held by China National Heavy Duty Truck + 1 shares, but also with the Shaanxi Auto, youth bus, Yutong Bus, Yellow Bus, etc. the technical cooperation between enterprises.
By controlling Man, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to enter the Chinese market finally a breakthrough. This is for the public to achieve "2018 strategy" laid a good foundation.

But then Yang Shun analysis, China's commercial vehicle industry has always been the dominant brands, foreign brands commercial vehicle market share is very small, so whether or China Heavy Duty Truck Man with Daimler and Fukuda, capital and technology are used in the output form, in the short term, this also does not reveal the role of technological superiority. Therefore, the three companies combined public business, the short term will not produce the fermentation of the Chinese truck market effects.

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