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Moog look for own brand car enterprises exports to provide services
The 2011 China auto testing and quality control on the exposition of Zhou Zaihu. The United States of America Moog company with its latest product and system at. During the exhibition, Moog Asia Pacific test and simulation business director TomPierce in June as well as the new MOOG China General Manager JagjitSingh accepted this reporter's interview. They both said, Moog on China automobile testing market with a very optimistic attitude, the company will continue to expand the local capabilities, for customers in China to provide more diversified and personalized service.
According to introduction, the Moog in the exhibition featured 3 products, respectively, for the new integrated testing software package, a new generation of modular test controller and six axis hydraulic vibration table. It is worth mentioning that, in May this year, Moog domestically acquired a new contract, the client of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute purchased for six axis hydraulic vibration table. The product uses for parts comprehensive test. At the same time, the product presents a revolutionary car exhaust system test method, this method can more close to the real condition of the simulation, in order to achieve a better test results, it is expected that the product delivery date for the end of this year.
In addition to the introduction of new products, Moog also very concerned about the Chinese independent brand car enterprises export products of this topic. TomPierce said this year than last year, China's auto exports have large-scale growth, especially the independent brand raised the export boom. Although these independent brand exports most of Africa, the Middle East, Russia and other countries, the relatively mature Europe and the North American market volume is still relatively small. But as these cars enterprises, product performance and reliability of continuous improvement, I believe that in the near future, the Chinese independent brand car enterprises and products will be in Europe and the United States market occupies a space for one person. In this regard, Moog can also use global testing resources to help these enterprises to further reduce costs, improve product quality and competitiveness in the international market. In addition, JagjitSingh said, Moog is actively creating a localization of the Chinese team, for customers to provide more quality services and solutions. The team has a very rich experience in testing, familiar with international automotive test standards, they can provide customers with the entire product installation and debugging, technical advice and after-sales service solutions.

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