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Charge as long as one minute or rewrite the battery development of graphene

Imagine, when other cars are still slowly when fuel, electric car charging only a minute later had to eat spinach like Popeye as full of energy.

It is understood that the United States, Ohio Nanotek Instruments researchers have used lithium-ion electrode in the graphene surface and a large number of shuttling between the rapid movement of features to develop a new energy storage device, the charging time can be several hours from the past reduced to less than a minute long. The study published recently in the "Nano Letters" on.

Because of this battery needs to be placed in the cathode and the anode is very large graphene surface, which has graphene upstream resources, and related technology companies is undoubtedly good news. Therefore, the "corpuscles," a period of graphene stocks this week comeback, Jinlu Group (000510.SZ), a large square carbon (600516.SH), Jilin Carbon Steel (000928.SZ) and other stock soaring again.

"Graphene is the scope of new materials, when technology breakthrough, the industry will bring a greater role in promoting, so this really is a good theme, follow-up with room to grow." State Securities wealth management center Analysts often Janus that.

Will rewrite the battery industry development prospects?

"This technology will rewrite the battery industry, development prospects, and by extension the industry will also be associated with significant changes, especially concentrated in the electrical storage battery with the electric vehicles, new energy equipment industry, if technology allows, the world's energy consumption patterns will be transformed into 'storage power consumption'. "investment adviser in the new energy industry researcher Chen Hongwen told First Financial Daily" financial business "reporter, said.

In fact, for the development of clean energy, countries have put a lot of effort to study the electric car, but the battery technology to become the biggest bottleneck. First, the battery energy storage density of the problem, refers to a certain quality of material in space or the size of stored energy, to solve the electricity to run an electric car charge how far the problem; second battery charging performance, from the past technical point of view, frequently several hours of charging time, so many people stay away.

And if the "one minute charging technology" to be commercial and popular, then the entire electric vehicle industry is expected to have a big impact.

State Securities analyst Wealth Management Center Sun Chong said: "The technology breakthroughs, making it possible to charge a short time, if the battery can be put into the production of graphene, is undoubtedly a revolution, it's power 100 times higher density than lithium batteries energy storage density than conventional super-capacitor 30 times. "

It is understood that, due to extensive application of this technology to the graphene material, so the material once again caused the market's attention. Graphite is a strategic resource, known as "Black Gold" reputation, not only widely used in general industrial and consumer areas, is also widely used in some special industries. Graphite ore reserves in China account for 75% of total world reserves, production and accounts for 72% of world production, graphite is China one of the few minerals with one of the international competitive advantage.

The graphene conductivity is best known material, especially suitable for high frequency circuit, while the transparent properties of graphene to create the electricity board has better light transmission, solar battery box can be used for liquid crystal display and so on.

Still in development stages related products

From the current point of view, graphene applications in the electronics industry, there are several research directions. Graphene may replace silicon used in chips. Analysts believe that the global annual demand for semiconductor silicon tons in 2500, graphene if the alternative to crystalline silicon one-tenth of the high-end integrated circuit, the market capacity of at least 5,000 billion yuan.

In addition, graphene is made of lithium-ion battery cathode materials can greatly improve battery performance. Global annual demand for cathode materials of 2.5 million metric tons, and for 20% of the growth of graphene as a cathode material used in one-tenth of the lithium-ion battery, its demand is also 2500 tons.

"Policy to encourage the industry for new materials to promote the graphene plate is one of the engines up." Often Janus said.

It is understood that last week launched the "new materials industry," five "development plan" later this week, market speculation on the new material better and better. The mid-year report from the previous listed company to disclose the information point of view, many private equity stocks in the new material has been infiltrated.

In fact, the low end of our disordered graphite industry development is seriously affecting conservation and industrial upgrading. For a long time, the state management of resources not included in the graphite a standardized channel. Analysts believe that with the rapid development of modern technology and new materials, new energy industry continues to advance strategic integration of graphite industry is facing development opportunities.

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