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Daimler To increase production capacity in Asia and North America focus on China investment
Reuters recently reported that Daimler Group is prepared to increase its production capacity in Asia and North America regions, sales surge as the market response to China will also focus on expanding investment.

     This week, Daimler Chief Financial Officer BodoUebber in the media conference, said that based on the average annual global GDP in 20 years by about 3% of the premise, the average annual sales of passenger cars is expected to grow by 5%, while Daimler is can exceed this level; as sales in Asia and North America are the main growth area of Daimler, which Daimler ready to raise production in the region, including the main way to expand production at existing facilities, build new assembly or parts production factory. But Daimler is not currently in the United States plans to build a second plant.

     BodoUebber also pointed out that Daimler is to reduce the currency risk for the U.S., greater reliance on the Chinese yuan. In 2010, for example, Daimler's investment in China up to 30 billion euros. Claimed: "From the perspective of currency in circulation, China and the U.S. market is still the focus of investment, we will expand the capacity of these two regions, while concerned about the risk of the development trend of the balance of payments."

     Daimler seeks to make its 2020 Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen Audi BMW brand overwhelming as the world's number one luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz brand in 2014 its planned sales of 1.5 million, while in 2015 it reached 1.6 million.
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