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Toyota-made hybrid electric parts 4 years

Toyota announced that it will produce hybrid parts the United States within four years, while there are plans to add production in China as selected, to ease cost pressures.

     Currently, the Toyota hybrid vehicles with batteries, inverters, motors and other key components are in the Toyota factory in Japan, and vehicle assembly plant in the United States must rely on imports of parts from the Japanese mainland, easily lead to cost fluctuations, especially in the case of a stronger yen, will make the high manufacturing costs. Particularly in Japan in March this year after the tsunami earthquake, Japanese domestic production of key components in short supply, has made the Toyota feeling the pressure.

     In order to better promote the hybrid world, Toyota consider the transfer of parts to overseas production. Toyota says the next four years, will begin production in the United States and other countries, hybrid drive assembly components, and then set up factories in other countries, manufacturing batteries, inverters and motor three hybrid components.

     Toyota executive vice president of global procurement Shinichi Sasaki, said: "The current over-reliance on production of hybrid parts in Japan, we must develop guidelines during the year for the next generation of procurement strategy, which means that the next three to four years will begin to implement within this strategy, but we have to produce all three major U.S. parts? not necessarily Toyota may need to add in other areas of capacity building, for example, some parts are manufactured in China, some production in Southeast Asia, some in the U.S.. "

     According to Toyota's plan, the next generation in North America, annual sales of 50,000 hybrid Camry, while making 30 000 a year in the UK Auris hybrid vehicles, beginning in 2012, France will produce a hybrid version of its elegant Lux.

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