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Yang Chai WP3 engine production line built

20 am, at the Weifang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. of Yangzhou, the annual production capacity of million units of WP3 engine production line is completed, marking the Weifang Diesel Engine 4 liters of light on a formal strategy in Yangzhou.

     It is reported that, WP3 is Weichai Yangzhou Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. VM's imported from Italy has one of the world's advanced level of the engine. This is a strategic restructuring Weichai and Yang Chai, after the completion of a major product restructuring.

     With WP3 engine production line is completed, the next WP3 engine production capacity will reach million units. With 2.0L, 2.5L/2.8L, 4.0L four high-end products in 2012 -2014 have been put into full production, "Twelve Five", Yang Chai Weichai company will have 4.0 years more than 50 million units L and a full range of products, production capacity, the product will cover the high, medium and low road and off-road market, annual sales revenue of 50 billion yuan, profit of 100 billion yuan. Expected to "Thirteen Five", the annual sales of 10 billion yuan, profits 300 million yuan or more.

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