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Bridgestone to bring stroke-day family expedition Malaysia Scirocco R Cup

September 15 -17, 2011 Scirocco R-Cup (R Volkswagen Scirocco Cup) Malaysia 12 hours endurance race officially kicks off. Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup as a strategic partner, Bridgestone to bring its top events after the temper of the world's leading family day stroke POTENZA tires, once again conquered the Sepang circuit, to build China's new racing legend!
The Malaysian public is still cool station is a worldwide R Cup was first held 12 hours endurance race. As we all know, not only the test of endurance race tire grip, tire wear and reduce performance inhibiting grip is about the game's outcome. For the endurance race, Potenza race tires can be described as stroke-day battle-hardened. Back in 1985, Bridgestone took part in the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race, and often achieve remarkable results. The stroke-day race tire performance and wear good after the limit is still maintaining high performance is also a lasting grip the world's major event has been verified. The first time in F1 in the second game, Bridgestone is the durability of the tires with full confidence, the team recommended a one-stop-stop operational plan and on the podium. The foot is still cool R Cup endurance race journey, Potenza stroke race track day performance will once again shine.

In Malaysia, Sepang, Potenza stroke-day family has helped countless riders boarded the F1 podium. This known as the "big mouth" of the Sepang circuit with multiple high-speed corners and a range of different curvature of the corners, the trunk of the tire grip, rigidity, cornering performance is very high. Especially the fat lane at the end of Turn 1 and the long straights at the end of hairpin bends, you need to brake rapidly after the full, very test tire grip and braking force. In addition, Malaysia's wet weather tires on the rain water drainage and handling challenges. Sepang circuit on the face of the brutal 12-hour endurance race, Bridgestone is still provided for the Scirocco R 2 high boots: dry tires Potenza RE55S (TYPE SR2) and extreme weather tires Potenza S001, the full response peak speed durability test. The face of the ground close to the high temperature of 50 and 12 hours of rigorous tests, POTENZA unafraid, since the precise response from the start, to speed up straight after the turn of the road showed a very strong grip, so the car firmly with the ground prison "stick" together. With POTENZA excellent durability and long-lasting and stable performance, the champion team adopted a "tire as little as possible," the radical-stop strategy, and that replaced the POTENZA actually can still insist on riding a few laps. The champion Yin Haitao said: "POTENZA performance is excellent, no matter at what stage, it's such a strong grip performance is even able to pass out, still cool in the car feel POTENZA, I feel good ! "

While Bridgestone has left the situation has became well-known set of 14 F1 track, but in car races around the world still shines in stroke-day family Bridgestone Potenza figure. In MOTO GP, the Americas INDY CAR, Formula Nippon and other famous race car tire as a single sponsor for 17 consecutive years SUPER GT GT500 groups dominate the championship for six consecutive years in the Suzuka 8 hours Endurance race pick to win the title of a series of military halo, the dominance of Bridgestone's sports survive. Today, Bridgestone support China's auto races, race day will POTENZA stroke's top products to China, as China's domestic car off a new trend of movement adds hope.

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