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Beijing will build 42 000 cars recharge pile

To address the charging stations and other electric vehicles due to inadequate facilities, "the market" problem, within five years, Beijing will build 42 000 electric vehicle charging pile, to electric cars and gas stations the same level of 5 km radius, This is followed by reporters in Beijing yesterday, some members of the CPPCC development proposals on the new energy industry learned of the situation when the case study.

    According to the National Grid Company, responsible person Beijing, Beijing now has 50 electric taxi, 1060 electric sanitation vehicles, 50 electric buses in operation, according to the Beijing Automotive Industry, "second Five Year Plan", 2015 Beijing pure electric vehicles will reach 10 million units in vehicles the size, and will mainly passenger cars, and currently impeding the promotion of electric passenger cars is one of the reasons supporting the charging station.

    "A lot of consumers buy a car, not just to travel to work, there are other needs, but this requirement is difficult to achieve the current electric cars. To promote the development of electric vehicles in Beijing, must gradually improve the supporting facilities in the city suburban settings such as adequate, convenient, high power charging outlets. "part of the city CPPCC members inspect the bridge space and new energy vehicle charging station electric power cell left Tiananmen Square test ride smart car electric buses, also said emissions from the energy and promotion of new energy industry's perspective, Beijing has vigorously promoted the need for new energy vehicles.

    Statistics show that Beijing has 1 million if a pure electric car, you can save 10 million tons of gasoline per year. However, the current technology, the majority of pure electric passenger vehicles on a single charge mileage of 120 km to 160 km, in the short term battery life is difficult to improve the situation, charging stations will directly affect the promotion of electric vehicles.

    In this regard, the State Grid Beijing company official also revealed that Beijing plans to "1025" period building 256 charging stations, distribution stations 210, 42000 charging pile, reached with the gas station 5 km radius of considerable service level, and through intelligent charging network to achieve the deployment of intelligent battery and charging capability, the pilot solar energy, wind energy for electric vehicle charging technologies.

    "Now more mature electric vehicle charging stations are mainly three types, one is inserted fully, that is docked in the charging station by 6-8 hours of charge, to restore the power of electric vehicles; the second is to change the battery, that is through the device to implementation of automatic replacement battery electric vehicles, eight tons of sanitation trucks only need 4 minutes to complete; third fast recovery type, that is, through an emergency speed charge, within three minutes to restore 20% -70% of the electricity. "The person in charge said that as a third way for the loss of a larger battery, so Beijing is currently introducing the first two major ways.

    The data from the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission show that as of now in Beijing to start construction of 19 car charger for electric power plants, power plants for which a passenger charge, charging station 18 bus sanitation, space bridges, Yanqing, Datun , Hu Jia Lou, his wife's family building, Ma F, Panda island, Xizhimen other eight electric car charging station has been built for.

    This year, Beijing will be in high-security Tuen, small business, to build 39 four-hui and other charging stations, charging stations, 18 of which passenger cars, buses charge for sanitation station 21, to meet the 850 passenger cars, 300 buses cars, 1220 cars sanitation charge for electricity demand, the formation of Yanqing to Daxing, south of the passenger cars through the capital charge for electric service channel and the charge for the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city power plant network. Currently, the site has been initially completed, high security Tuen station solar power technology will be shipped to electric cars. 

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