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Continental tires by the U.S. government funding, Illinois, plant expansion

Continental Tires USA (CTA), Illinois (Illinois) plant received $ 735,000 in local government funding, these funds will be used for plant infrastructure, and create at least 440 new jobs.

     June CTA announced plans to invest $ 224 million expansion of the factory, tire factory after the expansion is expected to increase annual production of 4 million. CTA has received $ 22 million Illinois state government financial support.

     In return, CTA committed within three years to ensure the maintenance of the plant's current 2,486 full-time employees total employment. CTA must within three years to recruit at least 440 new employees, these employees can enjoy the standard benefits, the annual salary of not less than $ 37,000. After adding new employees, CTA will ensure the maintenance of 2,930 within five years of employment total number of full-time employees. 

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