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BYD A stock market value evaporate break approaching 20 billion yuan of wealth shattered dreams

"Buffett" aura faded BYD price break is now close to the edge. 20.5 yuan last week hit a new low after last Friday's closing price fell to 20.79 yuan BYD, approaching $ 18 offering price.

    High evaporation of 20 billion yuan worth

    Head of the "new energy", "Buffett" and aura of the past three months BYD A shares buyback controversy. Reporting the results to drop, the vehicle encountered security problems, large-scale layoffs followed. This corresponds to a brief spikes in the listing after the A-share price of BYD down quickly. BYD end of June in the small board listing, the stock was finished in early July to 35.55 yuan, but then all the way down stock prices last week dropped to 20 yuan in the vicinity.

    If BYD shares closed from early July to the highest position, as of last weekend, BYD A stock market value evaporate 19.97 billion yuan.

    Lower than expected downturn in performance and profitability is the main reason for share price fall. August 23, 2011, BYD announced interim results show that, during the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 22.545 billion yuan, down 10.77%; net profit of 275 million yuan, fell 88.63 percent year on year

    Following the end of August, BYD to "organizational structure" to adjust the grounds, a large-scale layoffs. Not only abolished the development and marketing departments, but also for public relations, service, marketing and other departments of personnel adjustments, front-line sales staff layoffs as much as nearly 50%.

    Making matters worse, September 11, CCTV's "Weekly Quality Report" once again reported the BYD F3 car airbag can not be opened, and even lead to a fatal car crash news. Affected by this news, shares of BYD on Tuesday after opening all the way down, and the price of 20.5 yuan, hit a record low since listing, the day down 6.26%.

    Debon Securities in a research report, BYD performance decline likely to continue into first half of 2012, Debon Securities said its automotive operations, and rechargeable batteries are in the adjustments. Debon Securities also pointed out that BYD Auto vertically integrated model, the key factors in the development level of performance and self-made parts, it now appears BYD still in this great effort.

    Involvement in the economy down, Hong Kong stocks BYD (1211.HK) also fell sharply in the past three months, BYD Hong Kong stocks fall to 35.07%.

    Xingquan Fund exclusive "Lottery"

    A share offering in fact the beginning of BYD, BYD has been domestic institutions for the offer price and the industry boom of the question. It also makes the shares available under the net, the Fund's participation in a lower proportion.

    Societe Generale Global Fund is the only involved the placing of funds under the net. Wind data, Societe Generale Global Fund's three products together hold 700 million shares of BYD, representing the proportion of tradable A-shares of 10.95%.

    Three funds are the foundation of all trends were mixed, all convertible bonds and Xing Xing whole organic growth fund. In addition, the report shows that small plates ETF shares BYD shares held by 3500.


    "A Share Fund, the most tragic."

    Some media reports said Societe Generale Global Fund can be described as "A most tragic of fund shares."

    Industrial development of the Global Fund has met Shuanghui, foot Hualan, bought a purple Xin Pharmaceutical, Industrial Fund to almost half a year, "Black Swan" go hand in hand, no one Ta. Then finally among the BYD, scenery six days after the storm BYD trouble layoffs, exposed airbag event, now from $ 18 offering price within a whisker of three funds Hing fear the whole system down the drain.

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