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Diesel multiple constraints is difficult around the "system off"

Recent intensive clean diesel technology in the public eye. Recently, the Fifth China International Parts Expo held in Beijing, diesel-powered technology to become fair highlights. By a variety of diesel engines and transmission products debut.

    This year is China's "five-second" planning the first year, the forthcoming new auto industry policy and development planning will determine the next stage of China's auto industry trends. Diesel-powered technology in the industrial structure, products and technologies in three areas "upgrade" process, not only will provide new impetus, and to achieve a new leap in the technological transformation of the traditional. However, the ability of diesel powered passenger cars such as the upgrading of gasoline like go more smoothly is still a problem.

    Diesel powered by the multiple constraints

    Diesel technology has over a hundred years history of innovation, especially in the last 20 years, making a series of technical breakthroughs in modern diesel technology in emissions, noise and vibration have been significant improvements.

    As the diesel environmental and energy development in a specified direction of the ideal, in foreign countries, high penetration of diesel vehicles. According to statistics, 100% heavy-duty vehicles in Europe, 90 percent of light trucks have been using diesel engines, diesel engines are used in more than 90% of the taxi, taxi, such as Germany and other countries is basically fully diesel cars. In Europe, diesel cars have accounted for 32% of annual production of cars, Austria, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and other countries even as high as 50%.

    In China, the popularity of diesel vehicles is difficult because of a fundamental quality of oil. As the generally lower-quality crude oil imports, coupled with the advanced extraction technology is not very long, high-quality diesel fuel is difficult to ensure a competitive cost advantage based on the extracted. On the purity will not be able to meet the current needs of the most sophisticated diesel engines, and sophisticated diesel engine, once used this, it is possible to plug high-pressure pump, injector problems, this is not to say foreign delay the introduction of diesel vehicles the underlying causes.

    Diesel prices force car technology

    Components in the China International Fair, the first domestic diesel powertrain products debut. First introduced the diesel-powered self-assembly of these two products: 2.0L diesel engine automatic transmission of a +4 AT, 2.5L diesel engine +6 AT automatic transmission set.

    Although diesel vehicles in the industry level, policy level and market-level gate is open, many large domestic auto companies have invested heavily to begin work towards the use of diesel technology development, the country's energy-saving incentives have also been introduced, but the relative backwardness of oil this advanced technology, quality is still the popular one is difficult to cross the threshold. The popularity of the diesel-powered on, technical issues have to seek a breakthrough on the need to structure time.

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