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Shanghai Johnson Controls extended plant shutdown or relocation to Zhejiang Changxing

Lead contamination was suspected environmental protection departments of Pudong New Area, "ordered to stop," the Shanghai Johnson Controls International Battery Co., Ltd. ("Shanghai Johnson Controls battery plant") scheduled to temporarily stop a week, but our reporter yesterday from internal staff at learned that idling period has been extended to October 5, the future is more likely to move to Changxing, Zhejiang, and the plant's internal redundancy has also been put on the agenda.

    At the same time, the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau is in the recently released "on the effective implementation of the Environmental Protection Department" on the strengthening of lead-acid batteries and secondary lead industry, pollution prevention and control, "the spirit" which reiterated lead company in Shanghai to strengthen supervision of related importance.

    The possibility of a large overall relocation

    "The current cut-off of the main lead powder production plant, because the plant polluted the most, and the shop has not stopped shipments because of the downstream customers still have to goods, the supply company to stock-based." Said the internal staff.

    Company information, Shanghai Johnson Controls battery plant downstream clients include major domestic automobile manufacturers, such as Shanghai General Motors, Ford, Guangzhou Honda, Dongfeng Honda, Hainan Mazda.

    Allegedly, the plant has a supporting China's largest passenger car market share, matching share of the Chinese passenger car market share of 50%. Production and sale of three series of hundreds of specifications of products, a wide range of applications including cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, construction machinery, including vehicles and vessels and other types of transport, the company is also actively developing motorcycles and industrial and other various types of batteries.

    "Although it is cut to October 5, but can resume production when the decision to wait for the above there is likely to continue into the December 31 cut-off may also be moved to the factory, Changxing, Zhejiang." The employees feel the company produced very little hope of recovery.

    Another reporter from a newspaper close to Johnson Controls of industry veterans at the confirmed this view. The source said the Shanghai Johnson Controls battery plant as a whole is very likely to move, the current suppliers have stopped supplying the customer is starting to worry about supply. In addition, the company also panic.

    "Then the company may have to lay off." Revealed the internal staff, Shanghai, Johnson Controls battery plant a total of about 500 employees, including a considerable number of employees may be dismissed in accordance with certain work experience to compensate. If you move, then some people go Changxing.

    Reporters learned that Zhejiang Changxing Economic Development Zone is the largest lead-acid battery production base. December 16, 2008, Johnson Controls announced plans to invest approximately $ 90 million construction of sophisticated automotive battery production base. The base was commissioned in June 2010, annual capacity of 4 million.

    Shanghai high-pressure regulators

    As events lead levels, the Shanghai environmental protection departments have also set off a new round of lead-acid battery factory for the environmental crisis. It is said that to date the day before yesterday, Shanghai's 17 lead-acid battery companies have shut down six.

    The reporter from the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau released the latest "on the effective implementation of the Environmental Protection Department" on the strengthening of lead-acid batteries and secondary lead industry, pollution prevention and control, "the spirit of the notice" ("the Notice") to see, do not meet the requirements of the enterprise, the county environmental protection bureau must report to the county before the end of September the Government to implement production.

    Meanwhile, the implementation of the discontinued businesses, the county environmental protection bureau-governmental organizations should be brought to the relevant functional departments of the county, according to "eliminate disadvantage small businesses, the development of large-scale enterprises, the adjustment is not rational distribution industry to focus on parks" principle, development of adjustment relocation plan, the implementation of the implementation time. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, without inspection and approval, not to resume production.

    In addition, to meet the requirements of the enterprise, the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau to the most stringent standards required the implementation of routine environmental monitoring, every two years to complete a clean production audit; county every two months, EPA must conduct a supervisory monitoring, monthly conduct a comprehensive environmental monitoring, the formation of secondary lead and lead-acid battery business environment monitoring high-pressure situation.

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