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Bosch Chassis Systems Control Project in Chengdu

Recently, the German Bosch automotive chassis control system project was formally signed in Chengdu Economic Development Zone. According to reports, Bosch Chassis Systems Control China's auto production base in Chengdu, the project is expected to total investment of 96 million euros (about 880 million yuan), mainly engaged in the ABS / ESP system, the sensor-based auto parts manufacturing and sales of ancillary products. After the completion of all projects, the product will cover the entire Chinese market, the average annual output value is expected to reach 20 billion yuan or more.

     Along with the further development of the western region to promote a new round and officially start the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, especially the planning and construction of New Tianfu, a better foundation for the development of Chengdu, the development of more prominent advantages.

     It is reported that, given the advantages of good location, Chengdu, active automotive consumer market and the market in western China radiation, the Bosch Group automotive chassis control system is located in Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chengdu, Bosch Group and the beginning of cooperation, the two sides will R & D in the automotive parts, manufacturing and other fields to cooperate more extensively.

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