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China keen to lack of core components of global technology M & A

Core Tip: Over the past six years, with China's foreign trade surplus continued to grow in contrast, automotive products trade deficit rise, not fall, 2010, $ 25.5 billion, a record deficit of $ 24 billion of which the vehicle ...

    "Over the last six years, with China's foreign trade surplus continued to grow in contrast, automotive products trade deficit rise, not fall, 2010, $ 25.5 billion, a record high, in which the vehicle deficit $ 24 billion, 1.5 billion deficit in auto parts U.S. dollars. "

    September 7, Secretary, Ministry of Commerce Electrical Zhang Ji in 2011 China International Auto Parts Development Forum, said China's auto parts exports is also focused on cross-border procurement chain of low-end position, which to some extent bound by the China's automobile industry and international development.

    At present, imports of Chinese auto parts market, mostly high-tech, high value-added key components, gearbox, engine and other key components, accounting for 60%. China's auto parts exports, mainly wheel hub, wheel, steering knuckles and other labor-intensive machinery and some machinery and electronic products.

    In fact, in addition to the passive situation of the export of parts and components, including engine, transmission and chassis technology, including the automotive industry in three key technology components, parts enterprises in China in the transmission and chassis technology is still very backward.

    "Now all of China's sales of automatic transmission is probably a few million units, China's auto parts plant to provide less than 2 million units, China's self-developed automatic transmission is essentially zero." 9, GIF Research (China) Fu Xiu Qi, general manager, told reporters.

    China has done in this area is basically a transmission from the beginning of 03,04 years, really is more systematically developed in recent years, automatic models, and a great demand for automatic transmission, automatic transmission suddenly we discovered that the Chinese auto industry the bottleneck. "It basically can not see China's automatic transmission products, we must go this road, every now are desperately doing a transmission." Xiu Fu Qi stressed.

    Core components for the automobile business sense is particularly important. During the financial crisis, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler revealed three major U.S. auto company's problem is very typical. GM's powertrain technology relies on Opel, Ford's powertrain technology depends on the Mazda, the financial crisis have made strategic adjustments to increase re-investment in powertrain.

    In contrast, European car companies are very powerful powertrain technology, the financial crisis now, all benefit, such as Volkswagen, Ford and GM follow-up while also pushing turbocharged engine.

    "Automatic transmission now and then not do it, really is blocked by foreign, the industrialization of China's automatic transmission also 5-10 years, if we do not accelerate the pace of China's auto industry will be controlled by others." Xiu Fu Qi said.

    R & D in the automatic transmission on this path, China OEMs currently commissioned by the development, technology transfer, intellectual property transfer, and gradually absorb their own thing, and this is indeed a process. In contrast, manual transmission, the Chinese already in the stage of quality improvement, and development in recent years, the effect is more obvious, the technology is mature.

    In fact, in addition to the lack of core technology components, parts and components industry, China still faces three major challenges universal: the independent parts cost advantage has been weakened, standards and regulations become stricter to the formation of independent technical and cost components of the dual pressure modules synchronous development of production and the popularity of independent components to the formation of increasingly high technology barriers.

    China's auto parts business is critical to the development of the industry, if not mastered its own brand core components of technology, the most direct result is that profit margins are very low.

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