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Canadian auto parts industry delegation to Hebei, Baoding

13, the Canadian auto parts industry delegation visit to "North Motor City" of Baoding, Hebei Province, to the local auto parts enterprises to vigorously promoting their product, looking for cooperation opportunities.

     According to Feng, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Baoding really introduced the delegation from Canada, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, on September 5 to 18 visit to China, in addition to participating in the automobile parts exhibition held in Beijing, will also visit Shanghai, Wuhan and other places, in order to understand the development of Chinese auto companies to explore China and Canada on cooperation in automobile manufacturing methods may be.

     Day, the delegation visited China's auto brands Great Wall Motor Company's car-safety laboratory and factory stamping, welding, assembly three workshops, and test ride the company's own production of four cars.

     Canadian Embassy Commercial Counsellor, Beijing, Ontario, on behalf of Rongyi Jun said that the Great Wall Hover car production line shape is in line with European standards of taste, is ideal for the international market. The delegation mainly by the automotive mold, automobile software systems, car seat comfort system composed of representatives of business, hopes to meet with China's own brand of cars in the manufacturing field have more exchanges and cooperation.

     Ontario is Canada's automotive industry base, currently 85 percent of the province's production of cars exported to the United States and around the world, cars sold in North America each have a six from Ontario. The province is the world's R & D to provide the most preferential tax policies in the world.

     Great Wall Motor has been exported to more than 100 countries, more than 70 countries around the world to establish a marketing network. 2015, the number of overseas plants will reach 24, a comprehensive annual capacity of 500,000.

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